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  1. Dickhead telemark skiers who pull into the Timberline parking lot in the evening, park next to napping climbers, and proceed to open their doors and CRANK THE STEREO TO FULL VOLUME.


    Gawd, fellas. No one want's to hear your crappy high school music at any level.

  2. Dude. You were arguing that fluoride in drinking water has adverse health consequences.

    If so, prove it with a quote. I never argued any such thing. What I did argue was this: I don't have to worry about fluoridation, or any other water additives because I filter my water. H2O baby. Accept no substitute.


    I realize that you have trouble with reading comprehension and remembering who argued what, so I'll cut you some slack here.

    you can't filter out ions. you cn only filter out particulates.

    Cut him some slack, Dru.


    Science is hard!

  3. Light Rail going to the airport was a STUPID idea. People don't COMMUTE to the airport. There already was excellent bus, taxi and limousine service to the airport.


    Light Rail to the airport is an EXCELLENT idea.


    Seattlites have already proven that they have no interest in getting their candy-asses out of their single occupancy cars, so it makes no sense to cater to them. Visitors and business travelers, OTOH, know how to get off the train and onto the rail so that they can go downtown or to the university and get some work done.

  4. JayB and PP, I suggest you research the topic better (see the film for a start). Afterwards, I doubt you'll be as dissmissive.

    Why do you believe this film is not just propaganda?


    But if the propaganda is really, really effective...he might just be right.


    Obviously it is effective to some degree.

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