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  1. fledgling trad rack

    Does any body know of any forums or threads that discuss starting up a trad rack... from carabiners to cams? It would be great if there were talk of personal set-up and talk of their reasons for choosing that set-up. Most folks tell me that they have what they have becasue that's what they learned on, but every once in a while, someone says a little gem that I haven't thought about. I'm looking for those gems... know where I can find them?
  2. OR Alpine Bivy

    yeah, it's still available. email me at gomailfletch@gmail.com, if anyone is interested. For whatever reason, this forumn isn't forwarding me your responses, which I've asked it to do. I appologize for the delay in response time. I've got 2 to sell. I'm selling one, which has been used twice and remains clean, for $140. I'm selling another, brand new, for $180. Both bags are OR Alpine Bivys. All OR gear comes with a lifetime warranty for practically anything that would compromise the effectiveness of their product.
  3. OR Alpine Bivy

    You interested?
  4. OR Alpine Bivy

    $175, retails for $217. Used once at smith, once on west ridge of Stuart. The color is blue w/ grey bottom. Goretex membrane. 32oz w/ removable 5oz pole. Nothing is wrong with this bivy sack - no blemishes, no holes, no nothin. Check it out on OR website: http://www.orgear.com/home/style/home/shelter/shelter_bivy/40211