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  1. My dear friends and brothers of the rope. I am moving to Montana in March, and I have two brand new guidebooks for sale/ trade. They are Rock Climbs of Central Washington and Tieton River Rocks. These books sell for 26.95 and 14.95 new, but I would be willing to sell them for a good bit less. I am easygoing and willing to make a deal for somebody who is willing to use them. These books have never been used



    Jamin Smitchger


    3410 Emerald Downs Ln.

    Pasco, WA

  2. I would be interested in trying to get to muir this Saturday. Call me at 509-979-2336 if you are still interested.


    About me, I have two successful summits of Rainier, and I really love hiking and climbing stuff. Lately I haven't been able to get out too much due to work, but this would be a good fun trip.

  3. Hey everybody,


    I am looking to go do some climbing of some mountain or some rock or whatnot. I am thinking maybe Sunday afternoon- Monday or Just Monday or Saturday. I like climbing, but I haven't been getting out very much lately so I am looking to get out this weekend. Give me a call at 509-979-2336.




  4. Hey, I would be interested in getting out for a climb this president's day weekend. I also haven't been really getting out alot, but I am looking to go have some fun. Anyways, my e-mail is j7jamin at yahoo.com. Shoot me an e-mail or call me at 509-979-2336.

  5. I recently purchased a petzl rocpeck drill. Does anybody know what size drill bit to use with it? What would be the best size bit for 3/8 in. bolts. I guess you guys can really tell now that I am a newbie at sport climbing.


    What is the cheapest place to get some cheap climbing bolts and hangers.



  6. Diameter: 10.5 mm

    Grams Per Meter: 68

    Impact Force: 8.0 kN

    UIAA Falls Held: 11

    Static Elongation: 7.2%

    Dynamic Elongation: 31.8%

    Sheath Slippage: 0 mm


    It looks like my rope held 11 falls with an impact force of about 1800 lbs. In other words, ropes are good for many falls of decent (10-15 ft) distances for about 5 years. Anyone concur?


    Billcoe, was that guy who was rappelling even using a climbing rope correctly. It sounds like that guy had been abusing his climbing rope for ten years by storing it near leaky batteries and hacking it in half in numerous places.

  7. Bug, have you ever climbed to the top of West Trapper. My brother and I tried to climb that one this summer. We were running late and I climbed the wrong spire. The real summit spire was about 5-10 feet higher, and it looked like the pro would have been shoddy. Any info about that climb would be appreciated.

  8. If you climbed a 5.1 you can bet that the decent is the climbing route. Ten again if you had more experience in the hills you would know that. It also seems you were neglagent in your resurch for the route in the first place. Looking on summitpost is a very basic thing to do.


    The guy who posted on summitpost did not rappel down the route. I always check out summitpost before I climb mountains. Unfortunately, for many mountains route information is still limited. There was no information at all for where I went this weekend.


    I mainly do alpine climbing on mountains that are not extremely popular.

  9. Thank you for the info guys. I appreciate it. I just want to be safe so I don't get in that position again.


    Billcoe, it seems like there have probably been quite a few people who have been in the situation that you described.

  10. I solo climbed the Twin Imps (9030 feet)(5.1) in the Seven Devil Mountains. I was rappelling down from the climb, and I realized that I did not have enough rope to reach the bottom. At this point I was midway down the rappel, and 4 offtrail miles away from civilization. The face in front of me had not place to put any pro. I locked down the rappel and climbed back up to the ridge with a couple 5.8 moves. I had some prusik material in my pack, but it would have been difficult to get. That peak has been climbed by about 11 people since 1963, and it is not in any guidebook.


    Is there a place to get an inexpensive drill kit somewhere that I can hang off my harness. I sort of want to be able to rappel anything and not to have to choose my descent routes.


    In this case, the descent route was not specified dmuja, and I didn't see any rappel anchors.

  11. I may not have any first ascents, but I have been on a few climbs that don't have explicit intructions for rapelling. Sheesh, don't you want to go do some FA's sometime. :grin:


    Descending the way you describe means you are on unknown or unclimbed terrain
    Well, yeah. I guess that is generally the case.


    a hand drill and a light wall hammer may be your best bet if there's no gear.

    Do you know a cheap place to get this gear? I am a poor, starving college student.

  12. Ok, so let's say that you are in the middle of a multi-pitch rappel and you rappel down to a ledge. Once you get to the ledge, you find out that there are absolutely no rappel anchors down there and nowhere to place pro. Therefore you cannot descend to the bottom of the mountain. Because you are solo climbing, you cannot climb back up to the top of the mountain and go down the easy route. You are stuck.


    Is there a lightweight way to place bolts so I can ensure that this situation does not happen.