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  1. Mt. Shasta: Hotlum-Wintun Ridge

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  2. Mt. Shasta: Hotlum-Wintun Ridge

    Looking to ski Shasta sometime near the end of May. We are hoping to do the Hotlum-Wintun Ridge route. I am wondering how the road to Brewer Creek trailhead is around the end of May? Is it usually passable? Thanks for any info you might have!
  3. Midweek Partner Portland Area

    My schedule recently changed. I now have Tues-Thurs off. I have 3 days off in a row which is great, but it's midweek which makes finding partners difficult. I am interested in skiing, climbing rock or alpine anywhere we can reasonably get in 3 days. I am heading down to climb/ski Mt. Shasta in two weeks. I haven't done much climbing since last summer, but after a trip or two I'm comfortable leading 5.9 trad and a little higher sport and by the end of the season usually end up comfortable on a grade above that. I prefer alpine rock climbs to sportin but will do whatever. Give me a call if you have a similar schedule or would like to skip work someday. Jacob Buckmaster 360-609-2358
  4. I have all of next week off from work so I want to get outside. Ski, alpine climbs, rock craggin whatever. Just want to get outside. I live in Portland. Experienced skier and rock climber, competent alpine climber though not experienced with steep ice. Looking for partners to hook up with for a few days or the whole week. Anywhere in Washington or Oregon. Give me a shout. Jacob 360-609-2358 jacobmbuckmaster@gmail.com
  5. I am looking for a partner for some climbing tues-friday. Coming back from a broken toe so I am a little rusty but after a few climbs should be able to lead .9 trad and sport. Looking for anything within driving distance. I can do 3-4 day trips during the week as well. I also enjoy adventure type climbing so if there is something like razorblade pinnacle or lamberson butte that is on your list I would love to join you. I also have Sundays off as well, but tend to avoid weekends to stay out of the crowds. Give me a call or pm. Cheers. - Jacob 360-609-2358
  6. climbing partner - smith rocks. 22-23rd May

    sent you a pm.
  7. car pool forums

    try carpool match NW. Down here in portland it works fantastic.
  8. wide mountaineering boots

    Just to update. After trying on more boots than I knew existed I have narrowed it down to the Scarpa Triolet and the Lowa Mt. expert. The lowas are much more stiff than the scarpas so I think I am going to go with the scarpas. I didn't get a chance to try on any Kaylands although they seemed promising. Too bad there isn't more stores who actually carry a large selection. Oregon Mt. Community ended up being the place to find boots. Thanks again for all of your help and have a good climbing season.
  9. wide mountaineering boots

    I am definitely looking for leathers not a plastic boot cant stand em. Didn't think about trying to stretch out leathers thanks for the idea that may be the solution.
  10. wide mountaineering boots

    thanks. I will check out the lowas. I think the vasque ice 9000 seems a little too stiff, but I will check out their other boots. Does anyone know who carries garmont boots in Portland?
  11. wide mountaineering boots

    Does anyone know of any wide boots I can try? So far I have tried the Asolo expert gv and the sportiva trango s. Looking for general purpose climbing boots, glacier travel some short vertical stuff but nothing too technical. Thanks. Jacob
  12. conditions in enchantments

    I am thinking about a trip to the enchantments before the permits start. So from about the 1st of June - 15th. What are the conditions of the routes like then. Is most of the snow melted by then? Also if we have to end up getting a permit what areas does the permit include ( or what areas can we camp around there that we won't need a permit for) for example Colchuck, Snow lake, Stuart area etc. Thanks a lot. Jacob