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  1. Wild Country Hyperspace Mountaineering Tent, 4 season expedition tent; strong and stable design; sleeps 3 people, with 2 large vestibules for easy access; excellent condition, used only for "car camping"; complete with rigged tie-out cords, stakes and loft; $450. If you've been mountaineering a while, you've seen these tents on Denali, in the Cordillera Blanca, and in the Himalaya, and for good reason!
  2. Ice Screws, misc.

  3. FS: Carabiners

    BUMP, here's what's left. Black Diamond light D carabiner (x20) Climb High sharp D carabiner (x2) Omega oval D carabiner (x3) REI oval D carabiner (x3) Omega Lite 4.0 Petzl Spirit carabiner (x4) DMM large bent gate carabiner DMM large straight gate carabiner DMM Shield carabiner CAMP Nano carabiner Trango Superfly carabiner (x10), 2 new Black Diamond Neutrino carabiner (x3) Black Diamond Hotwire carabiner (x6) Black Diamond Positron bent gate carabiner (x4) Black Diamond large bent gate carabiner (x5) Black Diamond Positron straight gate carabiner (x9) Black Diamond large top of draw carabiner (x5) Sell as a lot for $250 or part out.
  4. Ice Screws, misc.

    Here's what's left: Petzl Sonic ice screw, 16 cm, $30 Grivel 360° ice screw, 16 cm, $30 Black Diamond Express ice screw, 22 cm $30 Black Diamond Turbo ice screw, 10 cm, $20 Black Diamond Spectre ice hook, $15 3 Black Diamond ice clippers, $3 ea. 5 Yates Screamers, $5 ea.
  5. Rock climbing stoppers/nuts

  6. Petzl Quark ice tools

  7. Petzl Quark ice tools

    BUMP Will sell tools and leashes for $300. Will sell new Cascade picks (x2) and new adze for $80 total.
  8. Rock climbing stoppers/nuts

    BUMP for price drop to $100 for 28 stoppers (including RP's)
  9. Ice Screws, misc.

    BUMP for price drop - now $220 for entire lot or willing to part out Ice screws in good/great condition Petzl Sonic, 16 cm, $30 Grivel 360°, 16 cm, $30 Black Diamond Express, 1-16 cm, 2-22 cm, $30 ea. Black Diamond Turbo, 1-10 cm, 1-16 cm, $20 ea. Misc. ice gear Black Diamond ice screw storage bag, new, $10 Black Diamond Spectre ice hook, $15 2 Black Diamond, 1 Petzl ice clippers, $3 ea. 5 Yates Screamers, $5 ea.
  10. Rock climbing stoppers/nuts

    BUMP Cams sold, but stoppers still available
  11. Womens North Face jacket

    BUMP Posted other items separately
  12. Wild Country Supergaiters, size XXL, for boots size 13 and larger, insulated, rands in good shape, $50 obo
  13. FS: Carabiners

    BUMP Open to parting them out. Make an offer.