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  1. Denali and Kilimanjaro Patches

    Just had another patch produced..... $11/each shipped to your door. email sgrischow@gmail.com with any questions.
  2. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    First off let me say great website - I am glad to be a new member! Now more about my post - I got a great response for my Kilimanjaro patches I did awhile back and just got a set of Denali patches back from the manufacturer that I designed a couple of months ago. They really turned out great and feature a picture of The Great One in the background with Wonder Lake in the foreground. The quality of Denali patches on the market was really poor so I was forced to do one of my own (same situation with Kili). They will be $7 shipped to your door. Let me know if you would like to see a pic - the one I have was too big to post. edited to add image
  3. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    Bump. It's Denali season - just wanted to see if anyone needed a patch.
  4. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

  5. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    T3- I have a dozen or so left. Let me know if anyone else needs one.
  6. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    If you are serious - PM me.
  7. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    Um 39 gone MIA. So did you Make yourself a patch jacket? Set yourself up with stocking stuffers for the next millenium? Give your fellow employees lovely matching coasters? Inquiring minds want to know. -r Those 39 represent those patches that were already sold. Funny comment though.
  8. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    Kind of like where I am from http://www.republic-of-texas.net/
  9. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    Looks like I found a patch of comedians
  10. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    I think NOLSe was in that line of work too. Do you know him? You must have to be a board veteran to get that one
  11. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    I was able to shrink down the photo to be within posting standards. The patch does not signify summitting the mountain nor even going to the park - Just a simple momento for those that want it. See what you think - Appears to be a tough crowd here - I take rejection well.
  12. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    I am not in the patch making business - I do corporate turnaround work.
  13. Denali Patches are In !!!!!!

    Yikes - Nothing commercial about it except that I was not able to find a decent patch out there so I took it upon myself to have one made. The manufacturer had a minimum order of 100 so I have roughly 60 of these things that I need to get rid of at virtually no markup to you guys. Admins - if this violated the terms of the board (which I did read and agree to) feel free to lock/remove it. I was just trying to see if anyone else needed a patch. Sheesh