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  1. Moving to Bellingham, WA

    Beware of the one on campus, it is super busy in the evenings with boulderers, especially this time of year. I don't know how much it costs if you aren't a student, but if you are, you get to pay a mandatory $85 a quarter to use the rec center. I hope you like it in B'ham!
  2. When i was a Newbie, I wondered...

    ...what the title or status things mean on cc, and how you get one.
  3. Avalanche Training for Backcountry?

    The American Alpine Institute (out of Bellingham) offers quite a few Level 1 classes each season, they also do backcountry ski courses.
  4. [TR] Attempt-Chair Peak- N.E. Buttress/N. Face 2/10/2006

    Hey, I saw "AlpinistAndrew" and wondered if it was you. Good to see that your multiple jobs are not getting in the way of your climbing, as if they could. I got to go up to Lillooet with the OC a couple weeks ago (see Wild Bill's post). It was awesome. Becca