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  1. 2 questions about quickdraws...

    1. So far, its been mostly in line. I think I see the answer to that one. 2. This is the thing I'm not so sure about. I've been climbing mostly single pitch routes with 4-7 (if i remember correctly) pieces of pro. I'll be moving to harder and longer climbsas time goes on. Perhaps I should stick with maybe 8 quick draws then? Unless there's something I'm not considering.
  2. 2 questions about quickdraws...

    1. Quickdraws or slings? 2. How many is good to start out with?
  3. need help looking for appropriate climbs...

    My more experienced climbing partner and I are hoping to set out for a Thanksgiving weekend climb to (possibly) Smith Rock. We are working on multi-pitching now. We are aspiring to find a grade III or IV with routes hopefully not exceeding 5.10's. Can anyone offer some reasonable direction here? edit- we sport climb
  4. I'm sure there are some people here that are familiar enough with Smith to let me know how the weather should be around thanksgiving.
  5. rope tarp question...

    So could I just use an old shower curtain? How can I not spend unnecessary dollars?
  6. rope tarp question...

    Is that supposed to mean something?
  7. rope tarp question...

    If you want to protect your rope from the ground, is a cloth barrier sufficient, or do you need plastic? I've heard that dirt can get through to cloth and onto your rope. -Andrew