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    Now that I have your attention, I'll buy the first pitcher to those that show up to help Keith Daellenbach and I with our next snail mailing. Come to the Lucky Lab on SE Hawthorne in Portland at 6pm to attach stamps and address labels ( no licking required ). And, yes, I have spoken with Keith about doing a email list ( feedback from supporters of the Madrone), but he's just not interested in doing it. He also doesn't have email contacts for all of those supporters from 1997 when it originally shut down.


    An update will come next week, but there is a public meeting in regards to the Fire Management Plan specifically for the Madrone. There is actually a fair amount of "fuel" up there and especially above the cliffs. Keith and I met with County staff recently about this and we heard their various suggestions and ideas. The County feels that a public meeting is critical, and one will be held in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for my post on that which will be out next week too.


    As for now there is a Civil Engineer who has done the 30% Draft Plan ( I might not be phrasing this correctly) in regards to the road and parking area for the site. It's the same guy who is working on the new Sellwood Bridge plan, and he's drafted the plans pro-bono. The Oregon National Guard ( 1249 out of Salem) stands ready to do the work, and the County is looking forward to working wth them. I believe there is about $65K that the County has budgeted for the site to start some of the work.


    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hey all,


    I haven't camped at Skull Hollow in years ( been spoiled staying at a friend's vacation home), but I'm curious as to the improvements or "aesthetics" (if you will) with the private concessionaire taking over the camp. I'm willing to pay the fee, but it would be nice to know if it was being taken care of at least a little.

    Thanks for any info!


  3. Kevin and Bill,


    Sorry that I have not been on CC.com that much this Summer. Here is the latest from Keith in a letter to the County. The last thing that I was actually involved with this Spring was getting climbing management plans / guidelines ( at the County's request) from Beacon, Skinners, Mt Hood, and Smith.


    Keith has an engineer who is drafting up the plans pro-bono ( I think it's the engineer who has been working on the Sellwood Bridge), and those plans are just about complete for parking area, roadway access, & ingress/egress from HWY 224. The OR National Guard stands ready to do the work ( substantial savings), but the County will have to put the project up for bid (legally they have to). There is funding in the County's budget for the Madrone that needs to be used up ( or start being used by the end of this year). If my memory serves me correctly, it might be about $70K - the ONG can just about do the construction work for $70K.


    Thanks for asking. Here is Keith's letter to Chris VanDuzer with the County dated July 14, 2011.


    Kellie Rice

    President, MWPC




    I talked to Scott Nettleton this morning and he plans to submit the draft engineering construction documents for Madrone Wall Park to you at Clackamas County next Monday 18 July. Scott and I have been working together this winter and spring and on Tuesday I saw an preliminary draft plan from him. This preliminary draft plan is a drawing set of several detailed sheets showing designs for highway approach and approach road pull-outs; approach road construction, cross section, and profile; parking area layout, etc. all applied to the site topography that was previously surveyed.


    With Scott submitting his draft plan to you at Clackamas County Department of Business and Community Services on Monday, moving forward with your plans to request Conditional Use Application and ODOT extensions is warranted. What is the status of provisionally allocated funding by Clackamas County for this project, to possibly include 2006 Metro Greenspace local share bond measure funds? Having talked to Captain Wayne Mitchell at Oregon National Guard's Innovative Readiness Training program earlier this year, this project is being kept on the ONG's radar as a possible project for them for which they have high interest.


    Scott is interested in obtaining feedback on his draft plan from Clackamas County after he submits. He is also interested in discussing the project further with Captain Mitchell and his team to get ONG's feedback. Let's discuss necessary next steps to move this effort forward after Scott submits the draft plan next week to you at Clackamas County.


    Keith K. Daellenbach (kdaellenbach@att.net, 503/673-5065)

    Secretary/Treasurer, Director

    Madrone Wall Preservation Committee

    5815 N.E. 31st Avenue

    Portland, Oregon 97211



    P.S.: Please note Scott's contact is:


    Scott Nettleton, P.E.


    T.Y. Lin International

    285 Liberty Street N.E., Suite 350

    Salem, Oregon 97301





  4. So no hernia after all. The general surgeon did all of these tests on me and she can't really find anything. The subtle bulge over the left front side of my hip probably has something to do with the muscles or fascia being tight with my unstable SI joint and muscle imbalances. Hooray for me, but sorry for those that are dealing with this. Thanks for the info you have shared, but I still won't take Layton's advice this time to store my weed in there.

    At least I can go back to PT now and work on more aggressive exercises!

  5. Hello-


    I was recently diagnosed ( but no imaging done yet), with a hernia of the inguinal canal ( located in the left front inside hip / pelvis area). I have no pain at all, but a subtle bulge of the area. I am also aware that it's there, and not just in the sense that I can see this rise in my skin upon laying down.


    I have an appt with a general surgeon coming up with an exam, and I'm sure some imaging will need to be done.


    I've also been going to PT to work on stabilizing my core for an SI joint instability. I have not been running, biking, or climbing since PT started either. I can continue to do the entry level exercises that I've been working on in PT, and the exercises do not bother my hernia, or that area. However, I can't advance in my exercises to challenge my core until this hernia ( or whatever it is) gets addressed.


    Any experiences with this? I'd honestly like surgery to address this so that I can function at work fully and begin to resume physical activities once I am stronger.

    Thanks for any beta!


  6. I received the following e-mail from Matt at Mountain Soles.

    Please direct all inquiries to him.



    Hi Everyone!

    Do you know anyone looking for a job? 

    Do they have sewing and customer service experience?

    If you do, please pass this email along. Below is the link to the job description.



    If we find the right person, there may be the potential for a bigger day-to-day management role with more pay and responsibilities.


    I hope that you are doing well.

    Thank you!


    Matt Menely

    Owner, Mountain Soles

    Outdoor Footwear & Fabric Repair

    1623 SE 12th

    Portland, OR 97214


    Hours: Tuesday- Friday: 11am-6pm

    [ http://www.mtnsoles.com/ ]www.mountainsoles.com

  7. Yes it is closed. Ian Caldwell had posted this info on the smithrocks.com message board.


    A pair of golden eagles ( male and female) have been spotted this year. The female is working the nests.

    Last year the female failed to return to the Monument area.

    I learned two years ago that one female eagle keeps up around a dozen nests in the park and adjacent BLM land. When she was not spotted last year, volunteers were concerned that she may have died. Hopefully the female that was spotted this year is the same one that was seen two years ago.

  8. (Posting for my boyfriend)

    Brand new in the box. Never worn and barely looked at. Original tags on them and all...


    These have the lillac/ purple uppers and not the natural / beige color.


    $90 (Normally retail for about $130 I think)

    Men's size 9.5 or 42.5 Euro


    Located in Portland

    Thanks for reading!

  9. As Bill Coe posted in the Rock Climbing Forum and I had posted under the Climbers Board(? - I think)), Skull Hollow is closed for the winter. A friend went camping / climbing there last weekend and the gate was shut. At least 50 campers were dispersed outside of the fence.


    I still urge people to write the Ochoco NF. The issues around human waste and sanitation ( amongst others) will become a problem for climbers and the National Forest / BLM.

  10. Thanks, Bill for getting this in the Rock Climbing Forum.


    I have not camped at the grasslands in at least 2 years for lots of reasons that many others stopped ( RV's and their generators, theft, and too much partying), but that doesn't mean that I'm supporting what might be taking place with a private group owning it.


    I do know that the Smith Rock Group was trying to do some of the work out there at the Annual Spring Thing event with fire pits, picnic tables, and maybe getting some of the dead junipers out of there. I can't say that I'm opposed to a fee as long as the fee does something to keep the place maintained. At the very least some TP and a pressure washing in those vault toilets - that's been my only request.


    Whether you camp at Skull Hollow or even on the other side of the fence amongst the shit pies, this will impact climbers and places to camp. Doesn't McPheeters Turf also close during the winter months? The bivy cannot handle the additional crowds if Skull Hollow closes during the winter months as it has been proposed, or has other restrictions in place. What will climbers have to do? Make a reservation to camp at the Bivy now?



    I suggest that people send letters to the Ochoco NF or to Kitty at the Western Slope - No Fee in the original post.


    Thanks for reading!

  11. The Ochoco National Forest received approval in October 2009 from the

    Pacific NW Recreation Resource Advisory Committee to begin charging a $5

    fee for camping at Skull Hollow Campground near Smith Rock. This was done

    over significant objection from the climbing community, who are the

    primary users of the site. The Forest justified the fee as necessary to

    operate and maintain the campground to standard and provide increased



    Now they are including Skull Hollow in a prospectus for sites to be turned

    over to a private for-profit concessionaire to operate. Concessionaires

    will be invited to bid on what they will charge the public, and you can

    pretty much bet it will be a lot more than $5. The funds will flow to the

    private firm, with only a small percentage being paid to the Forest as a

    franchise fee. Often concessionaires offset franchise fees by performing

    in-kind work, in which case little or no cash flows to the Forest.


    The process of turning a facility over to concessionaire management is

    done internally and administratively, with no public notice. No public

    comment is solicited either on whether to do it or on how much the

    concessionaire's fees should be. Future increases in fees are approved

    administratively, with no public notice, comment, or input, and no

    advisory committee approval required.


    I thought you would like to be made aware of this impending change. Skull

    Hollow Campground is, for all practical purposes, about to pass out of

    federal hands, probably forever. If the local climbing community has any

    influence with the Forest, use it now or forever hold your peace.


    Here is the Ochoco's letter: [





    In addition, there was a hint that it might be completely closed during the winter months.

    Send in your comments!!!


    Kitty Benzar


    Western Slope No-Fee Coalition

    P.O. Box 135

    Durango, CO 81302

    970/259-4616 (Landline)

    970/946-2909 (Cell)

    [ http://www.WesternSlopeNoFee.org ]www.WesternSlopeNoFee.org

  12. Where do you live?


    Washington has the Mountaineers organization which has different chapters around the State ( I think). There might be other climbing organizations up in WA, but I would start there. Portland has the Mazamas, and Bend, Salem and Eugene have their groups, too.


    Climbing gyms all have intro "learn to climb" classes with instruction and a temporary ( month long?) membership pass.


    You can find what your looking for by "google-ing" a club or gym in your area.

    Good luck!


    Join us for the second work party out at the Madrone on September 12th. Meet at the Carver School by 8:30 am to get in teams and carpool to the site.


    Pre-Registration REQUIRED at: www.rei.com/clackamas


    Come help us build hiking trails and prepare a future park site at the Madrone Wall in Clackamas County . The Madrone Wall Preservation Committee is coordinating with Clackamas County Parks , REI-Clackamas, Mazamas, Trailkeepers of Oregon, The Access Fund, and ClimbMax Mountaineering to construct hiking trails at the site of this amazing civic treasure.


    We need your help to create the new trail system at a future Clackamas County park. This is a great event if you are looking for an environmental public service project (Scouts, Eco School Groups, Religious Groups, Civic Groups, etc.). Minimum age is 12.


    So much work got done at the July work party, that we will likely need to go back and finish some of the areas that were addressed then and hopefully start working on the access trail to the wall itself.


    Climbing will be allowed after the work is complete for volunteers only. No dogs are allowed during work parties.

    Climb Max will have a BBQ afterwards.


    Latest updates at: www.savemadrone.org


    If you can be a trail team leader, please contact Keith at: kdaellenbach@att.net


    Access to the site is only on pre-approved volunteer trail building dates. Please continue to respect Clackamas County ’s current “No Trespassing” posting at the site at ALL OTHER TIMES.


    Please come prepared to get dirty. Wear long sleeves and pants due to poison oak and blackberry brambles. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks. Meet at the Carver School just north and west of the Carver Bridge on Hwy 224 for carpooling.

  14. I used to be an AFund Rep in Oregon. No luck with the Washington or OR volunteer reps, or no luck in contacting the main office in Colorado?

    Jason Keith is a guy you can connect with - jason@accessfund.org or Amy Ansari - amy@accessfund.org. Both are at the main office in Colorado. The AF has a raptor management plan that you can get on line at their site, so they should / do want to be involved.


    Back when I was a rep in 2008, there was a good discussion with WA State Parks and the USFS about Peregrines in particular. I hope you get the discussions and the results you want.

  15. This is off topic, but one of the moderators suggested it go here.

    Thanks for reading.


    Saturday August 28th

    Ride open 9am til 1pm

    Food, music and silent/oral auction to follow

    White Salmon City Park, White Salmon, WA


    30 mile road bike ride benefitting Jack Toland



    Join me and other cyclists as we ride for Jack. The day before Thanksgiving 2009, Jack was severely injured while riding his bike near Oregon City. A severe crash that shattered his femur and elbow. With no job or insurance, Jack and his wife were facing mounting medical bills for surgery and post-op care. A local physical therapist is providing daily PT at no cost to Jack, which has alleviated a great deal of the financial burden.


    Our group, a newly formed non profit, is holding this first inaugural event to soften the blow that Jack and his wife have faced. Next year, our group plans to ride for other injured cyclists and their families who need help with medical bills, rent / mortgage payments, or other financial assistance because of a bad cycling accident and who are uninsured or under-insured.


    Lots of cool auction items and raffle prizes: Cannondale and Surly bikes, personal training with local KettleBell expert, massage therapy gift certificates, Eddy Merckx signed jersey, and much more.

    Free food and beverage by: Everybody's Brewing, Fred Meyer, Nake Juice, Chiquita and Izze Soda. Live music by Beadhead.


    Send me a PM if you have any questions!