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  1. As crazy_t indicated, it was only the climb portion that took about 20 minutes. It would have been closer to 15 minutes, but a friend and I had to stop to talk to two cute girls snuggled into the ledge at the 3rd bolt. With regards to things falling, my concern would not be about rocks. Most of the face is solid. I'd definitely be concerned about having something dropped on your head while climbing below a party on the face above you. There's nothing to stop a 'biner (water bottle, small dog, etc.) from falling all the way from the top onto your head. Enjoy!
  2. I've soloed it 52 times and led it for others many a time. It's about 9 50m pitches from the bottom-bottom to the tippy-top. Most people start the The Bench, which is not at the bottom. As long as you stay left of The Gash above the bench, the difficulty won't exceed 5.4. There is a touch of 5.4 slab on the final pitch. If you solo up with a 50m rope, you can easily do the three raps off the south side to get down. As a lead, it usually takes about 6-8 hours car-to-car. As a solo, it takes me about 1:15 for the round trip (I've done the climb in as little as 0:20), if I don't have to wait for raps. Your experience may differ. :-)