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  1. Leroy Creek Basin, Mt Maude approach recon

    I can attach the SnoTel records for Oct-Nov at Lyman Lake: 593625-LymanLakesnoteldataocttonov05.pdf
  2. [TR] - Mt. Baring 5/13/2006

    Climb: - Mt. Baring Date of Climb: 5/13/2006 Trip Report: Mt. Baring saw 10 or so climbers on its summit on May 13 via the standard route. The NW ridge was generally snow free on the ridge but the slopes above and below the ridge were snow covered. The remainder of the route was snow except for the summit blocks. Great glissade in the gully below the main summit-south summit notch 360 views from summit, though a bit hazy Nothing unusual to report, except that one of the climbers drove a crampon point through his hand on the steep slope above the main notch. He made the summit anyway. Still trying to figure out the body mechanics of stepping on your hand while wearing crampons. A comment/suggestion from the hydrogeologist…much of the lower approach follows the ephemeral stream in the gully above the clearcut. I saw a lot of bootprints traversing in and out of the gully. Sure, it’s the shortest route, but it is also the most damaging to the streambank stability, with as much impact as livestock or ATVs. When you can, follow the slope above the stream and stay out of the gully. Gear Notes: Ice axe was handy Approach Notes: No problems. Snow above 4000'