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  1. Anybody give my some information on a shuttle service that possibly runs from Seattle airport to Mt. Rainier National Park. Any info, prices, schedules, etc would be fabulous. Thanks a lot.
  2. Kautz Glacier for August 18th?

    Did you need any snow pickets or not?
  3. Kautz Glacier for August 18th?

    I'm planning on hitting up the Kautz Glacier route on August 18th with three others. Any ideas on what I should bring that's out of the ordinary - pickets, screws, etc? What will the ice chute be like? Good snow or solid ice? Is the glacier itself heavily crevassed or is it easy to route find? Any information at all would be great. Start up times, bivy sites, access to the route, etc. I have Mike G's guidebook but it doesn't give much as to getting to the route. Good first ascent route or do you have any other alternatives. Thanks a lot.
  4. Fun stuff to do on the Olympic Peninsula?

    Thanks a lot guys, any more information or ideas would be apprecaited.
  5. We will be climbing Rainier in August and would like to head on over to the Olympic Peninsula afterwards. Got any good ideas on some fun stuff to do for 2 to 3 days? Anything is game, backpacking, more climbing, etc. Any suggestions/information would be much appreciated. Thanks!