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  1. I've been thinking about this lately. How is the fuse going to tell the difference between an avalanche and a good hard fall?


    You can do a lot of fiddling about with breaking strengths, but I don't think anybody can tell you for sure what forces you'll encounter in a real avalanche. I'd wager it's very easy to create more force in a crash than you'll see in an avalanche. I'm thinking that if you really don't want to lose your skis on a normal day, but really don't want to get submarined in an avalanche... the right answer is brakes.

  2. Watea 94, Kilowatts w/ O1s, Syner-Gs

    Fischer Watea 94, 178: $300 Mounted with Salomon STH 12 bindings, on the line for a 316 BSL. These are the only holes in the ski. Skis are in good shape everywhere, one deep base gouge that was repaired well.


    Black Diamond Kilowatts, 175: $300 Mounted with BD O1 bindings. Skis are in good shape, there is one big topsheet chip where you can see some fiberglass, could be patched up with some epoxy. Price includes ski crampons, which are the 100mm wide model.


    Garmont Syner-G tele boots, size 27.5: $200 Stock liners, molded once.





  3. 185 Pocket Rockets with blue/gray Fritchis set for a size 28 boot. Skis are beat up but functional. I do NOT have skins.


    $125 OBO. Feel free to lowball me. Seriously, I want these gone.









  4. I will be a little more blunt, because I'm not sure you're hearing the good advice that's been given already:


    This is not a good idea. There won't be a trail for most of the way. You will be traveling in snow, with variable and unpredictable conditions, almost the whole way. You will be in avalanche terrain many times on this loop. You need a good bit of winter travel experience before trying something of this magnitude. You can gain this experience pretty quickly, if you're dedicated, but this is not something you can do some research on from your computer, and then just go out and do. You are underestimating how hard this is, and this is literally how inexperienced people get themselves killed in the winter.


    Hiking up to Colchuck lake, however, is a fine idea. Much of the winter there will be a boot pack trail in place, the terrain is pretty safe, and the mileage is reasonable.


    Start small! Stay safe, learn some things, and you'll be able to work up to this plan quickly.

  5. In the 60's a jumbo jet hit the Empire State Building causing massive damage....yet the building (of lesser design) did not fall.....mmmmmmmm????????


    This is not true.


    In 1945, a B25 flew into the Empire State building. This plane weighs 10 tons, 15-20 times less than a 767, and was trying to avoid hitting the building at the time. You see how that might be different, right?

  6. It's not like this thread was good to begin with. Just GGK ranting nonsensically about how he's decided the world doesn't make sense, while we can all see he is the one who doesn't make sense.


    Kinda reminds me of Gary actually. Less funny though.

  7. It was snowing down to 3000 feet the last couple of days, did you notice that? I saw fresh snow on Whitehorse and 3 Fingers this morning, and they are much shorter than Stuart.


    You'll be traveling in snow, so you need to be prepared for that, and it's already the time of year that avalanches may start to pose a threat. Not a lot of people go up Stuart in the winter. It certainly can be done, but it's a whole different ballgame from climbing it in the summer.

  8. Some 'aspiring hardman' has been hard at work at Index lately. Several of the 'tougher' lines have lots of chalk on them and that's awesome: it's nice to see that all the harder climbs are getting mileage, but the tick marks that have appeared on every foothold, handhold or giant, obvious jug are whack. There's even 'foot dot' marks on Shirley, which is a stemming corner! WTF?


    Go ahead and dab it up with your rookie stripes if that's what it takes for you to send your proj, but will you at least take the time to brush them off afterwards? Otherwise I'm going to do it and then you won't know where to put your feet the next time you try to go for the redpoint, bro.


    I've always thought this kind of post was rooted in egotism.


    Hasn't rained in 2 months. Don't worry, it'll all be washed away in a couple weeks.