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  1. Trip: Mt. Rainier NP - Emmons-Winthrop Date: 7/11/2012 Trip Report: We had a M-W permit, which made for a great time to climb last week. The weather was fantastic, but very warm. Very few groups on the route, which was enjoyable. Prior to our trip, the Emmons Direct route was still an option. However, several snow bridges were blown out on the 9th, and there weren't many options around them that weren't sketchy. Guide services were turning back at that point also. [img:center]http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showfull.php?photo=77254[/img] We left and didn't spend a minute trying to work over that problem and simply headed to the Winthrop, which looked to be in great shape. A few snow bridges, and we were on our way back up again - very direct. Took our time to the summit (5 to Columbia Crest, and two headed over to Liberty Cap). Took about 7.5 hours up. Snow was great heading up, but we ditched crampons due to the soft snow on the way down. Gear Notes: With the warmth we experienced, we went through gallons of water per person. Overhydrate! Bring wands to mark your route, and be certain to pick them up on the way back (the rangers hate left behind wands and gear). Approach Notes: Came up via Glacier Basin. Trail was 95% snow free, but there was still some areas that were soft. The trip up to Schurman still has alot of snow on it, with only the smallest crevasse opening up. We didn't rope up - nor did anyone else. Of note, we had a single 2000' glissade run on the way back. Was fantastic! Two rockbands needed crossed on the way from Curtis to Schurman. Getting close to needing to rope up at this point. (Sorry, I tried to attached 6 pictures to help with this report, but am having a challenge getting them to show up in this)