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  1. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    wow ...maybe I will!....what a novel idea!... got anymore productive suggestions dr flush it?
  2. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    thank you my thoughts and prayers go out to the families as well...
  3. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    'Why is this being run by a Sheriff's dept?' this was my question... also, about the "Y" sign letting rescuers know 'yes, we're here', when I saw a picture of the 'Y' it certainly looked to me like an anchor that was equalized rather than some 'code' or 'sign'...
  4. Web Pages

    Thanks wrench!
  5. Web Pages

    Hi Marie...I have in fact messed with some of these page builders...I had a site moved along quite nicely with one of these canned page builders but to be honest with you, I became underwhelmed with its look (cheap and tacky) and felt very limited with what I could do with it (not much and I had far more volume of things I wanted to do than it could provide)...So my question here is one that results from really just wanting better & higher quality for the site I want to eventually maintain...and if that means becoming well-versed in HTML, so be it...I love a challenge!...The canned builders are fine but I just want more than that...thanks
  6. Web Pages

    Thanks Alex...an investment of time that will be well worth it
  7. Web Pages

    Thanks!...which is easier to use? Does FrontPage require knowledge of code? The more user-friendly the better....Dreamweaver appears to be slight more on price but neither are bad...I'd pay a little more for user-friendy aspects....again, thanks
  8. Web Pages

    I have a dumb question - I am not a web saavy page builder and I was wondering if there are any good, user friendly packages out there that can make it easy to build a good quality home page for my existing domain name. Not the cheap, 4-page limiting stuff you get at places like register.com...but good quality, for graphics, loading pictures, narratives, etc...but won't require a second mortgage to pay for... Thanks