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  1. weather forecast for tomorrow looks good... anyone wants to go out for some climbing tomorrow evening? exit 38/32 (or even Marymoor)
  2. Hi, anyone wants to go to Mt.Rainier with me this weekend (Fri-Sun, Sat-Sun or Sat-Mon)? Any route, the harder the better.
  3. weekend climbing

    I've found a partner for Sun, but still available on Sat.
  4. weekend climbing

    Anyone with a car wants to go for climbing with me this weekend? Exit, Index, Leavenworth ...anywhere. 5.10 sport, 5.8 trad. (425) 985 8340
  5. cell phone on Mt.Rainier?

    thanks all. so the conclusion is that my Cingular (AT&T) GSM phone would be dead weight there.
  6. Is it possible to use a cell phone on Mt.Rainier (Liberty Ridge)?
  7. Rainier, June 16-19

    Sorry, I've recently hooked up with a new partner. We're gonna try Liberty Ridge (or something else depending on weather) on June 16-19.
  8. Rainier, June 16-19

    Hi, I've just lost my partner for Liberty Ridge, Mt. Rainier on 16-19 June. ;( Anybody else interested in that route. I'm available after this date too and I'm open to other routes with similar difficulty.
  9. Hi, I've just moved from Europe to Bellevue, WA and I'm looking for a climbing partner (or even partners) here. I'm free on all weekends and weekday evenings. My grades are up to 5 UIAA (5.9/10) on gear or 6+/7 UIAA (5.11) on bolts. Moreover, I'm interested in Cascades alpine ascends and have a plan to go to Mt.Rainier in June. Got a lot of experience from Swiss Alps (up to D/D+).