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  1. 5/17-5/19

    I've got Sunday from 2 'till Wed afternoon free. Anyone want to go in the mountains and do some climbing?
  2. I'm looking for partner(s) to climb during the week. I work on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. From June 1-Aug 31, I only work on Sunday. I'm up for anything alpine. I lead 5.6 alpine and follow 5.9. I'd love to do Liberty ridge early this season. Also looking to do some extended trips into the Picketts this summer. Send me an e-mail if you are interested. Jack Barben Jbarben@gmail.com
  3. Lost on the way to chair peak. I'm guessing it fell out pretty near the upper alpental parking lot. e-mail if you have any information - jbarben@gmail.com. Thanks
  4. Want to climb - July 22-28

    I am free from Sunday July 22nd at 12:00 until Saturday July 28. I want to climb some mountains. Climbs that sound appealing to me: West Ridge of Forbidden Glacier Peak Mt. Olympus/Bailey Range Traverse Mt. Challenger West Ridge of Stuart Anyway, I am up for anything. I prefer something longer, as I have more time that week, but whatever. Call me at 765-532-8331 or e-mail me at jbarben@gmail.com if you are interested. Jack
  5. Kautz Beta Requested

    Follow the footsteps...
  6. Michael Moore the Fraud

    I'm not sure how whether the majority agrees with me or not has anything with whether or not I'm right or wrong. I would tend to think the opposite would be the case.
  7. Michael Moore the Fraud

    Thanks Mtn Mouse. Glad to be corrected.
  8. Michael Moore the Fraud

    A few thoughts: The majority of the world struggles to clothe and feed themselves. We freak out because 47 million Americans might not be able to afford hip replacement surgery at 54. Just about every one of us drives at least one car, has cable and television, a computer, running water, sewage, etc. The most downtrodden among us still eat and have housing. So, we're better off than just about everyone else in the world. Do we really believe that health insurance will make the world a better place? Don't you think there is maybe something a little deeper, a little more substantive than what doctors could possibly do with a few extra dollars? Some people in "third world" countries lead much more fulfilling lives than we do. These people make in one year what we pay in one month for insurance. I don't know, I'm just thinking that maybe we've missed the point. Maybe there is something more important than whether or not health insurance is run by the government, by free markets, or by Micheal Moore. Maybe there are bigger issues out there that we should be tackling. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. I will be living in Germany from May 9 to July 19 and would like to do some climbing in the alps while I am there. I am able to travel on weekends (fri, sat, sun) and have from May 9-May 16 and July 6 - July 19 completely free. Please e-mail me at jbarbeni@purdue.edu if you are interested.
  10. Saturday

    I'd like to go do something in the mountains this Saturday. I have a car, gear, and I'll drive anywhere, wake up at any time, and do anything. I'd prefer an easy 5th class (nothing harder than 5.7) alpine rock climb, stressing the alpine aspect more than the rock, but am open to suggestions. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.