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  1. Smiley Project

    Mark Smiley here. My wife and I are doing this huge project for a number of different reasons, none of which is to benefit a non-profit cause. Rather, to help inspire other couples to get out and adventure together. We are not trying to get other people to simply pay for a posh road trip where we charter flights on a regular basis. We are trying to cover the expenses of the jounrey where we are filming experience, and putting a lot of energy into making quality videos of climbing in the alpine realm. Its hard, fun, work. And you have to admit an alpine climbing video is a nice break from the sea of bouldering videos... If someone only has $100 to give away, for example, then I fully support giving it to a Childrens hospital. But if someone else has $135 to give, then $100 to the hospital and $35 to the Project would be great!
  2. 50 Classic Climbs Presentation

    Sunday July 10th, Feathered Friends, Seattle. 6pm. Mark and Janelle Smiley will be presenting a muti-media presentation on their goal of climbing the 50 classic climbs of North America. They have completed 29 thus far and have hopes of attempting 13 more this summer. Come check out this unique project and learn more about the 50 classics.
  3. We are going to climb Mt Waddington mid July 2011 and the cost of the Heli is $2850 for 1300 lbs. We are looking for two other climbers that are interested in sharing the expense of the Heli. We could even carpool up to the jumping off point if that helps. If you are interested please contact me. Mark paranaman@gmail.com