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  1. 4 Season 3 Person Tent Recommendations

    I agree with the Mtn Hardware Trango comments. Have used one several times and liked it. It is bomber in weather and was as roomy as a three man can be. Lots of big gear pockets made it easier to keep everyones crap organized. Used a single wall a couple times and hated it. Just iced up and didn't breath at all
  2. Denali Expedition Meal Planning

    I will be going to Denali in Late May. We have a group of 6 and are in the process now of making a lot of the arrangements etc. One issue that came up is to buy our food through Exposure Alaska. They provide expedition support and for $485/person will provide breakfast and dinner for 20 days plus a shuttle from Anchorage to Talkeetna. They plan the menu and food will be all labeled and packaged for us. It is a bit expensive but we are thinking it will save a lot of time and hassle in Anchorage. Any thoughts on this....anyone have any experience with this company?? http://www.exposurealaska.com/denali.htm
  3. Frost Nip

    I had a similar experience last winter in -10 degree weather and attributed it to frost nip. The tips were numb for a long time after and several of my fingertips are now super sensitive and go numb quickly. I had always taken pride in the fact that my hands don't get cold but now have had to go out and get a couple new pairs of gloves and mitts
  4. Good winter insulated jacket -- recommendations?

    I just purchased an EMS Primaloft One Belay Parka that is total jacket weight 30oz. I have used TNF Nuptse and MH SubZero Parka but have been wanting to try a Primaloft Jacket. I climb in the northeast and sub-zero temps are common. I will test it out this winter with the idea that I will take it to Denali in June. Suggested retail $175 current sale price $87 http://www.ems.com/