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  1. Trip: Diamond Peak - Pioneer Gulch


    Date: 5/15/2009


    Trip Report:

    Skied Diamond Peak Friday, finding some of the sweetest conditions I've ever encountered there. Was able to ski right off the summit, shortly after 1 PM with lovely, uniform surface conditions from the get-go.


    Gear Notes:

    skins and crampons. at about 9:45 near timberline the skins started to slip on the steepening, still-firm surface. crampons served well the rest of the way (though one could have made do without them)


    Approach Notes:

    The Pioneer Gulch road is blocked by snow only a quarter mile short of the trailhead.

  2. Great photos, as usual. Fantastic time of year to be up there. I always look forward to your trip reports for the photos. I am unhappy to note, however, that one of the photos seems to show you camping on vegetated ground, which in a busy place like The Enchantment Basin seems to me a very unfortunate practice.

  3. Lovely photos, including those on your website. Evocative of my own spanking in the northern Pickets years ago. (Maybe I do need to try that again...)


    But on the subject of labeling, I think you have the West Peak of Fury marked as Swiss Peak, and that Swiss is that lowrider under the P of Phantom Peak. Check out for example page 117 in the 2nd edition of the Beckey guide.

  4. We were up there 6/20 -24, summiting on W McMillan on the 22nd. That campsite was a little less green but still an idyllic spot. Our summit day included several hours of lounging around on rocks at the base of Terror Glacier waiting for the white-out to lift. For pics of the weather that day try picasaweb.google.com/john.wahlund.


    We were carrying gear for a week so it took us all of a day to get to the 'heather bench' camp. We tried without success to find an acceptable way across the barrier on 6/23 and bailed on the 24th, choosing to spend the last day of our trip doing some easy rockclimbing at sunny Washington Pass.