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  1. I am going to reply to this. I again am not a Bush hater even though. He lied to everybody and took over a country and has lied to my country and expected us to die for his oil. Second when I type in a hurry, yes my grammar and spelling are shit now. In one way I am glad to know how bad. In another it would have been better to have found out in a different manner. But as for all the bullshit. I was taken and as far as I am concerned I was taken on a very rude ride even after I did ask if there was more holes and so on. Again I had not watched any news on this at all. Its not my news its yours. As for Bush haters our imigration hits on our web site went up 500% in the first 15 minutes of re-election. And it has not slowed down. I guess I am not the only one who thinks Bush is a Moron. At least I can read and know which way is up. Unlike George who was reading to the kids with the book up side down. Ok.
  2. Excellent grammar. Thats that rude shit that got me going. I may have made a mistake about that vid. Fuck you know I should never have said anything. I admit it. Hey I'm still down keep kicking because thats the only way you would ever be able to do this to me. Again I am sorry I thought the vid was accurate sorry. Keep kicking while you can because soon I will be completly in the saddle again. I am in no position at present time to get into any arguments. And read again dumb ass thats 700lbs not 9. And if anything like this happens to you think of me, I may be the one kicking you. Not to worry thats not my style.
  3. Last reply so have your fun. The lack of WMD and all the other lies. Fuck I admit I was dumb or nieve to beleive what I thought was a real account of what did happen. Is this within your grammar laws.
  4. I have never seen anything other then that vid. I was taken I am sorry for that. And sorry I ever said anything at all. I hope you had your fun with my grammar and spelling hope it made your day. I feel like a tit but at least I know now not to believe anything that comes from the south even if it is spelled and the grammar is spot on.
  5. That does not explain a thing I am still under the impression that there is no film is that true ?
  6. Even when I look at that photo wheres the wing damage ? I'm not crying about it ass hole. Just a point. I do have a hard time ounce I get going oh why waste my time explaining anything to you. You are the one who started all the bitch talk and all the fuck you ass hole and so on. I may have bad grammar but at least I am not a complete fuck head.
  7. Want me to tell you the truth FUCK HEAD I had over 700lbs fall from 9' on top of me in febuary so I am rebuilding myself ASS HOLE. READ some of the others statments AT LEAST I HAVE A REASON WHATS YOURS AGAIN ASS HOLE FUCK OFF. IF I HAD THE CHANCE I WOULD STILL OUT CLIMB YOUR SORRY ASS ON ANY TERRIAN. COME# ON UP THIS WAY AND GIVE ME A CHANCE. I will speak in your way BITCH
  8. Fuck off. This is not about my grammar or spelling. You all turned your attention to me instead of telling me how any one of the three mentions could have happened. Thats because you can not explain it in any fashion even with your oh so excellent grammar and spelling. I will ask again. 1 fuel lack of 2 tree and the leaves 3 the hole. Nobody has said any thing about another place the plane hit the building. So we still only have a small hole. 4 the fact that the roof was not on fire.
  9. Thats what I said a bit ago. Again the front of the engine would not be on the lawn. And there is only two engines and the wings where are they. I know in the building right ! My grammar sucks. Great you all can agree on something. Excellent. I feel much better now. Still where did the aircraft hit the fucking building ? I may have bad grammar but at least I am not blind.
  10. Again dude thats the point it would have been destroyed a lot sooner and not made it that far into the structure look at the towers no where near the strengh and they still just made it out the other side.
  12. I 'm sorry for ever looking at this. Because it draws up some very real problems with what happened. And then the fuck and so on. The building would not have windows. The wings had to hit something ? The fuel had to burn. The engines could not have been on the outside if they blew a hole to the inside and the tree would not be standing.
  13. Also you made another point. in your post 416655. You asked how could it have made through five rings good point how? If you shoot a bullet and it hits anything it starts to expand and lose forward motion as it gets bigger thats what should have happened to the plane.!
  14. Thats not possible. The windows would not be there. and the roof would have been destroyed and the fire ball would have ingulfed the entire roof with fuel. Is that better for you. Also to say I need grammar is true fourth nope I passed it and went into fith so maybe thats what I missed out on. I got a little pissed at the fucker comments and yes let the fingures do the talking sorry for not checking but what does that have to do with this ?
  15. Prove what ? That something smaller then a jet liner hit the Pentagon LOOK AT the hole. Is that the only place something entered the building YES/NO I do not know is it ? As for the proof show me where a big ass aircraft crashed into the side of a building. Also read what I said with out all the bullshit. I have taken many course's in this area and that amount of damage is not consistent with the size of the aircraft plain and simple. Ask a pilot about how hard it would be to control that thing if you did not know how to fly one then get back to me. And for fuck sakes stop blaming us for this we did nothing as a nation. Your border is protected by you not us.
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