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  1. Just moved here

    Hello- I am a little out of the way as I live in Bellingham (1.5 hrs north, but I am always looking for partners. Mt Hood is definitely on my list as well this summer. I have done several alpine routes in the cascades. I am leading 5.8 trad and following 5.10. My preference is also for trad and I would love to be leading 5.10 by the end of this summer, in hopes for a little yosemite action in the fall. Jesi
  2. trying to get on c.c.!?

    thanks for the clarification Dr. Flash people don't really lead 5.9 do they?
  3. trying to get on c.c.!?

  4. trying to get on c.c.!?

    A friend of mine recently tried to become a member of c.c. He still hasn't recieved his password even after 3-4 weeks and 2-3 e-mails to the "feedback" link asking about it. He also tried the "forgot your password" link with no luck. Any ideas