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  1. $30.  Guidebook to Index.  Guidebook is in very good shape EXCEPT that the back is broken in two places.  The spine of the book is not torn.  All pages still together and attached to spine of book..  Pages are not loose. No writing in book. Cover has no creases or tears.  Free shipping!


  2. I found a pair of Vasque hiking boots, probably women's, on Sunday, May 18 sitting along the road at the Cougar sno-park on the south side of Mt. St Helens. Where the roads were closed and everyone was parked along the side of the road.


    If you can identify the color of the socks inside the boots, I will get them back to you.

  3. We are going to aid it.


    Maybe I didn't quite ask the right question. We want to climb U Wall and descend via Bellygood Ledge. A lot of the climbs in the Dihedrals are closed thru July 31 due to falcon nesting. The BC Parks closure notice lists the closed climbs but says nothing about Bellygood Ledge being closed--even though it is right above the climbs. So maybe the right question is: is Bellygood Ledge closed?

  4. Thanks. I had been looking at the Canadian weather website for Clinton, and it did look like temperatures were dropping. I was attempting to see if someone had climbed there last weekend in order to get a little firmer info.

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