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  1. 8k trip buddies

    007: You said you love climbing the cascade peaks and believe this range is excellent conditioning for big 8k summits. How would you know this if you have never climbed? So does this mean you have climbed peaks like Mt. SI and Tiger mountain? Or, have you done peaks like Goode, and JoBerg?
  2. 8k trip buddies

    There's plenty of people out there like 007 with big egos, a lack of experience and bad judgement - that's a deadly combination.
  3. 8k trip buddies

    You will NEVER summit an 8,000 meter peak.
  4. 8k trip buddies

    Also, I agree with many others that why are you trying to organize a 8,000 meter peak trip on this site? Maybe you need to check the title again of this site. It is called cascadeclimbers.com Not Organizean8000meterpeakclimb.com Like others have said this is a great site to get climbs together in the Cascades, but NOT a good idea to organize an 8000 meter peak climb. My question is how old are you? You could be just some little kid trying to fire us all up. God help us all if you are an adult, and this is the way you think.
  5. 8k trip buddies

    007: Again we want to know what you have climbed? Or, are you a BIG fraud. Talking like the way you are is not showing us that you are a good climber. Do you even understand how much time, cost, and skills it takes to even try to climb an 8,000 meter peak? Step 1: To become a good climber is having common sense, which you are demonstrating to us that you are really lacking. Step 2: Is to actually climb some mountains. The way you talk shows us you have no climbing skills, or even know what it takes to climb. I would be really surprised if you have climbed anything. What type of rock, ice, or glacier climbing skills do you have? Do you understand how many people here reading your posts think that you don't even belong on a mountain? Forget climbing and take up swimming Son!
  6. 8k trip buddies

    007: With this attitude of yours you will never summit an 8,000 meter peak. Do you understand what you are saying? Sounds like you are one of those that labels yourself as a climber, but does not want to do the work, training, and skills it takes to be a great climber.
  7. 8k trip buddies

    007: What have you climbed before?