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  1. Dude, Spence, you forgot part where we were sprinting in the dark from the noise of the not so obvious location of the ice fall/avalanche. (1 of 3 rips on the hanger while we were there... Scary stuff!)


    Nice post bud. I was just about to write one up, and you beat me to it.


    I would like to dedicate this climb to my buds Dougy and Beny- who pussed out b/c the skiing would not be good enough. :cry:

    You boys missed out on an epic adventure. It was better that you didn't go! I got Spence all to myself :blush:

  2. The upper part of Mount Elinor is a great place to cave, and not far from the car at all. You can park at the lower lot at Hurricane ridge and the rangers are usually cool about giving lifts back up to the top if your patient. Paradise is also a great place but very crowded at times.

  3. Fairweather- I will definitely post some as soon as they get developed, I just got back from the east coast so itll be a few days. I would love to take on an Oly peak with you some day, ( Im more happy to trade a flight for a climb, let me know).Oh and yeah we did come back the same way, I set a few nuts and slings, but that piton was a nice reassurance. By looking at the TT i just assumed I might as well go back the same way ( a tough decision after hauling 4 pickets up there.) Thanks again for the help.



  4. Undermind-Are you serious I live on camp seymour haha whata yah know. Crampons came in very handy.

    Fairweather- thanks for the chat and advice. Did the finger traverse (very appropriately named.) The summit may have changed or mabye Im a puss but we had a hard time getting on top of the summit block had to do some exposed 4th low 5th to get up on it. Over all it was a very burly Long ass climb.I think the OMCG under rates the mountain Thanks for the help.



    5hr up from lake

    3 down

    Bikes were the best part