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  1. [TR] Mt Shuksan - White Salmon Glacier 1/28/2007

    Dude, Spence, you forgot part where we were sprinting in the dark from the noise of the not so obvious location of the ice fall/avalanche. (1 of 3 rips on the hanger while we were there... Scary stuff!) Nice post bud. I was just about to write one up, and you beat me to it. I would like to dedicate this climb to my buds Dougy and Beny- who pussed out b/c the skiing would not be good enough. You boys missed out on an epic adventure. It was better that you didn't go! I got Spence all to myself
  2. Hi, I lost a friends Ortovox PFA Avalanch probe in the upper Parking lot at Mt. Baker ski area, last Sunday. It is in its original grey case. Please Contact- Todd TCKetcham@earthlink.net
  3. Mount Baker Rescue

    He's f%$&ing lucky to be alive. Bad glacier etiquette! Hope the surgery goes well. I wonder if the event will make the Western Front?
  4. HWY 20

    I was up at EWS and Lib bell on Tues. Will post some pics tomorrow
  5. White Salmon Glacier

    Spencer if I get burried. you better find me!!!!
  6. Bellingham - Mike Libecki Slide Show

    IM GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. upcoming guidebook

    Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Snow Caving in the Olympics?

    The upper part of Mount Elinor is a great place to cave, and not far from the car at all. You can park at the lower lot at Hurricane ridge and the rangers are usually cool about giving lifts back up to the top if your patient. Paradise is also a great place but very crowded at times.
  9. Ptarmigan Traverse

    Dude, get the skills. Its one of the most beautiful trips I'vs ever done in WA. Totally worth the time it takes to learn cevasse rescue.
  10. Olympic Mountain Pictures

    me too........Nice Pics man are thoes aerial?
  11. Climbers Guide to the Olympic Mountains

  12. Avalanche Canyon above Lake Constance..snow??

    I was in the lower middle portion about 2 months ago and there were two extreemly small patches left. Im sure snow is non-existant this time of year, in that area.
  13. Nice TR. Sounds like a typical olympic adventure. You should really give Pershing another shot, its got a pretty sweet payoff.
  14. [TR]Mt Olympus Climb 7/17-7/20

    nice summit guys. Im jealous.
  15. gspooner- Did you think the FT was under rated by the omgc? A kick ass climb though huh? Wauna Tree