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  1. glacier peak info please help

    Easy to do. Folks do it in one day all the time. The sitkum route is a cakewalk, so it can be done quickly. Others may take more time depending on fitness and experience of the climbers involved.
  2. I'll be on the N. Cascades hwy until the 16th of Sep and wanted to get out to the spires for a day. Not looking to scare myself or anyone else, so the trade routes are fine with me. PM if you are interested.
  3. WTB: Older Dynafits

    Got some you want to sell or trade? Let me know. I'm looking for something to mount on some recycled tele skis (that's right, branching out a bit to fixing my heel) so I don't want anything too expensive. I have a good history on teletips if you need references. Thanks
  4. Mt Brooks info

    Has anyone been up Mt. Brooks in the last couple of years. Looking to pick some brains for route info and any tips not found in the Ak guide.