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  1. Wow. That's really persuasive. I foolishly thought climate change was real until you juxtaposed pictures of Vice President Gore and Hitler. Thanks!!!








  2. my car stereo is not ipod/mp3 compatible


    isnt that impossible..? tune radio play ipod


    add input jack plug mp3, think its like 30$ to have jack installed



    Any recommendations for getting an MP3 jack installed in Seattle???

  3. Grateful Dead 7-16-71 Westline Stadium Charlie Miller version



    The Warfield Theater shows from the late 80's are supurb, too -- classic acoustic dead. Oct 11, 1980 is my fav


    Speaking of the Dead, this is classic roadtrip material:





    Another roadtrip classic:



    Stop Breakin' Down!



  4. oh big fucking deal. lots of leftwing nut jobs get up at 5am and go for a fucking run. pull your overblown ego out of your ass.


    Hey babe, he wanted to call me out on that shit. Anyone who wants to have a night out on the town with me followed by a workout in the morning is welcome. :sick:


    Aren't you the fragile little bitch. Does your pussy hurt this bad in person, or just on the tronz?

  5. ...and that is better than the Republican candidate whose primary attraction lies in the fact that he got shot down in Vietnam, which ravishes young G.I.s who might turn out if they dont get "totally wasted" the night before?

  6. Mountain House Chile Mac could certainly be classified as a weapon.


    Holy shit, could it ever. That stuff tastes good going down, but damn if it doesn't create some serious gaseous explosions. Just ask my brother who had to share a tent with me after I ate it a few weeks ago... :lmao::fahq:


    MH Chili Mac --> the deadlies of all altitude-related illnesses:

    HAFE (High Altitude Flatulence Explosion)