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  1. Fraser Valley climbs

    Dru...thanks for that information and by the sounds of this board you are also the man!!! I definitely would be interested in going to flashpoint (closet one) and getting to know other s around here.
  2. Fraser Valley climbs

    Thanks for all the great input (esp. the styrofoam cup and string?!). I'll make sure I keep an eye out for dru. If anybody knows where I can get the guidebooks for sumas, hatzic prarie and harrison that info would be great....Thanks again Jason
  3. Hey there...Just moved from Lethbridge Alberta back to the Lower Mainland (abbotsford) and was wondering about local climbs. People on other boards have been suggesting Sumas, Harrison, Hatzic Valley but I have not been able to find any information on any of these crags at all?!?! Was wondering whether anybody here knew about local climbs (climbs, bouldering, top roping pretty much anything near by abbotsford). Someone said that "dru" knows a lot about the local stuff? and that I could find him on this board...Anyways, thanks guys and I'll hopefully see you on the rock! Jason