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  1. how do I start?

    Thanks to those of you who have sent me encouraging PMs. I'm jumping off into a new sport which I obviously have a whole lot of learning to do in order to feel competent in. It sounds like making contact with a few safe climbers and maybe trying a local gym is the way to go. At this point my goal is I guess what you would call 'Alpine,' in order to enjoy the scenery from up high and feel a sense of achievement in reaching some of the summits in the region. Since I'll probably never have the time to commit to reach a technically high level in this sport, perhaps I ought to be conversing with some of the other PNW climbing/hiking sites. (But I kinda like the wiseguy attitudes here. ) I do believe I have the stamina for alpine climbing, having been involved in competitive swimming and rowing not too many years ago. And to the guy that suggested that because I work a lot that I'm a fat pig, I would say that's not what most of the folks that I have figure modeled for would say! I do have a copy of the 6th ed. Freedom of the Hills, which is my bedside reading at the moment. Thanks again for those of you who have encouraged...maybe this lowly beginner should stop posting and start climbing, as one person has said.
  2. how do I start?

    Hmmmm, being called a "newbie female troll" isn't what I expected. But as a Yankee transplant, I guess it could be worse. I promise I'm real, and I appreciate the nice (sane and welcoming) private msgs I've received. Good advice on books, gyms, and even telling me that some of you aren't as crude in real life as you portray here! Please just don't bash me for my climbing ignorance---I want to learn, and safely see some of the beautiful high places around here.
  3. how do I start?

    Thanks minx. I am 'for real' but I guess there are some games that have been played on this site in the past. Hey, folks, all I want is a little info so I can find my 'starting point' in this sport, maybe make a few friends to enjoy outdoor sports with as well. So far everything I've done in the mountains has been fun (hiking, scrambling, skiing). I want to fully enjoy the year or two that I'm likely to be here...this seems like something I'd really enjoy.
  4. how do I start?

    Who? Not sure who those people are, but my name's Nicole.
  5. how do I start?

    Thanks for the advice guys (except I'm not sure what's up with 'Attitude'). Per your suggestions, I plan to do some reading and investigating of the local gyms. I have read something on this site about the "Beckfest" and I'll try to also find info on the "Timmyfest." I like to shed the corporate uniform at the end of the day, but I don't usually hang with the wilder crowds. Now I must be a good company drone and get back to work.
  6. how do I start?

    Okay, after reading this site for a little while, I'm taking the plunge and posting this. Having just moved to Seattle from the Northeast, I am a "newbie" with absolutely no experience in climbing per se. I have hiked quite a bit in the White Mtns, and done several easy 14ers in Colorado. So here I am in a new town, wanting to learn a new sport, with no experience. I am somewhat of an athlete, not a complainer, and I'd like to learn the basics of climbing while out here (for the next year at least)---snow as well as rock. Can you guys offer advice on where a female can best get started in this sport, while being safe, and avoiding creeps? Serious advice appreciated! Nicole