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  1. digital cameras?

    I would suggest looking for an extra battery or two on ebay. You can pick them up for very cheap and they work just as well as the stock one you have now. Another item you might be interested in is a battery operated Image Tank which will allow you to download pics off your card so you can keep taking pictures. The one I have has a 60GB hard drive, runs of (4)AA Batteries and will even charge batteries right in the device. USB 2.0 speeds as well.
  2. Starting on 7/29 I will be backpacking for 4 nights doing the Diamond Peak Loop along with climbing Diamond Peak and hopefully Mt. Yoran and Lakeview Mtn. My question is, what approaches are going to be the least technical for Yoran and Lakeview? Any climber trails? Many thanks!!!!! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as I have not been in this area before. Thanks, Jeff