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  1. A good mountaineering course

    checked out AA Institute and their climbing programs look excellent. thanks.
  2. A good mountaineering course

    The Island/Mera trip is being arranged thru a Nepalese trekking company. Less expensive that way plus you get more flexibility
  3. A good mountaineering course

    Looking to pick up mountaineering this year, which hard to do when you live in NY. Planning a trip to Nepal this Fall -- trekking/climbing Island and Mera. Would need some prior mountaineering experience. Any recommendations on commercial/private guides? I’ve checked out AAI, MM, RMI – they are pricey and sound a little touristy but if that’s what it takes then I have no choice. I’m also looking into Canadian companies. For my plastic boots, I am thinking of getting Koflach Arctis Expe. Any issues/problems with these boots?