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  1. I am selling this Size Small Marmot Speedlight Jacket. It is brand new with all tags attached. New: $425. I am selling it for $200. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. My Measured Weight: 14oz. Made with 3L New GORE-TEX Pro. Send me a message on cc, text me or call me if you are interested. I live in Ballard if you want to see it/ buy it. I will ship it for free if you can't come to Ballard. Marshall 206.228.5268 [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/marmot%20speedlight%20jkt%20black.png[/img] [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/marmot%20speedlight%202.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/marmot%20speedlight%203.jpg[/img]
  2. Sold! I am selling a 2014 brand new (still has tags) Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket GORE-TEX Pro Super Alpine Jacket in Nickel. It is a size small which fits me perfectly. I am 5'9" and 150lbs. The cost is $249. I live in Ballard so you can pick it up/ look at it there. I can also ship for free but no returns. This has the new GORE-TEX Pro construction and is a flagship piece for Patagonia. Ping me on Cascade climbers if you are interested. Marshall [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/SuperAlpine1.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/SuperAlpine2.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://luxuriousproductions.com/media/SuperAlpine3.jpg[/img]
  3. Is the Washington Pass overlook open in July?

    Thanks for that. I was planning on having a wedding ceremony at the pass, but plans will be changed. I've never looked at the bouldering. I will have to check it out. Marshall
  4. I am planning an event up at the overlook but I heard rumors that it is closed. Has anyone been up there recently to see if it is open? I've tried calling the forest service and the DOT but no one ever answers their phones and the latest press release is from September 08. Marshall
  5. The perfect climber's car. You know you want one. This one is in great shape and affordable for a Eurovan. I built a website with more information than you could ever need: http://weesprouts.org/van'>http://weesprouts.org/van But if you want to know the basics: First and foremost she is unique because 1995 was one of only two years the Eurovan came with a Manual Transmission and the 5 cylinder Audi engine. This translates to reliability all around. I purchased “Marge the Polar Bear”- as she is called- from a friend in 2006 with 98K miles, tuned her up and have since gone on 3 climbing road trips to Utah with her. Although I love every minute in Marge, I live outside the US for the majority of the time and decided that I just don’t need an RV in my life anymore; a hard decision given the tinkering and time I’ve had with her. She's in great shape and has all components that make the Eurovan so beloved, but she also has a bunch of extras: Custom snap-in door screens, rear tent, Thule “Gimmie Shelter” awning Yakima roof rack and optional oversized (holds surf boards or skis) Rocketbox (additional $100) Original Volkswagen manuals and the massive 2516 page Bentley service repair manuals. Waterproof- breathable cover purchased from Go-Westy. New rear tires and front tires with less than 2000 miles. New front brakes installed and rear brakes ready for installation (I just never got around to putting them in) Tuned up 5000 miles ago including new spark plugs, new air filter, new cables, new distributer/ cap, serpentine belt, oxygen sensor. A/C compressor replaced 4000 miles ago. Pop-up struts replaced 5000 miles ago Custom interior LED lighting has virtually no drain on the battery. I searched high and low for cookware and dishes that store perfectly in the cabinet. All included. Center console and passenger seat ditty bag Tire Chains Eurovan Mats and removable carpet in the cabin. Licensed until November 2009 Again for many more pictures and a virtual tour of "Marge" please visit: http://weesprouts.org/van Give me a shout if you want to check her out. Thanks, Marshall
  6. This is a 2wd. It has 150,000 miles. The gas door is missing and the cap is not locking. This has never been a problem for us though. Marshall
  7. Since we haven't sold him yet, we are willing to negotiate with the price. Marshall
  8. Rare Camo Bibler Big Wall Bivi for sale $150 *DELETED*

    Very useful indeed. Or at least when you don't want to be seen by the tourists on the wall.
  9. I'm selling my Alpha SV Tabasco size small. This jacket is in essentially new condition and has been well looked after (I know a thing or two about looking after Arcteryx pieces). You won't find a single flaw on it. An Arcteryx small usually fits someone who would otherwise wear a medium. The Alpha SV is the top end mountaineering parka from Arcteryx with Napolean pockets, 3 ply gore-xcr with a false twist nylon exterior, helmet compatible hood, and a bunch of other fancy technologies (but not too many features because it is supposed to be lightweight). See the arcteryx website for more info. This is a circa 2003 jacket (but I've really hardly used it- I've almost exclusively used a softshell instead) in a most classic color. I'm selling it for $275 but contact me on cascade climbers to negotiate a price. This thing is $500 new and this jacket is in new condition.
  10. Here are a few photos from a flight last sunday. North Picketts, Bear, Spickard, and Goode to name a few. Spickard Goode Challenger and Fury Challenger and Swiss peak Bear Enjoy. I have full size images if you want more. Marshall
  11. Pickets Conditions?

    can't seem to make the picture stick. I'll try again
  12. Pickets Conditions?

    oops, here is the photo
  13. Pickets Conditions?

    i flew over the other day. here is a photo from north of the south picketts looking down goodell creek. Not much info, but a lot of snow.