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  1. Has any one done sitkum glacier in the last couple of weeks? Is it possible to do that route with out a rope safely? Are there any tech parts to the route? My first time up. That route seems like it is the best way with out pro.
  2. 7 finger, maude, fernow beta

    guess I better get my eyes checked, cause I did look the forum over. Thanks
  3. Has any one climbed 7 finger jack, Mount maude and Fernow? What routes did you do? Also has any one done all three in two days? Is it possible?
  4. Cold Feet

    The foot bed is a good idea. I have been playing around with the idea of getting custom cork foot beds for comfort and arch support. This will be the best reason for trying them out. I will have to admit that the rest of my body was not doing that well for staying warm as well. I will try the bread sack this weekend on old snowy. it will not be nearly as cold but a good time to try things out.
  5. Cold Feet

    Thanks for the help. Will try different sock combo's, but can't loosen my laces any more, my boot would fall off. Hope I don't have to buy a larger size
  6. Cold Feet

    Climbed Shasta this past weekend, and my feet froze! I am wearing the Nepal Extreme. The boots are insulated so I think the cold comes from the soles, so would overboots be the best solution? Or should I try some there stuff first so I can save some $$$$. However I do like my toes