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  1. I have been seeing lots of condemnation of the Patriot Act, and blame is focussed on Ashcroft and Bush.

    I have previously posted that there was wide bipartisan support for these measures when this was enacted.


    In the event that you are of the opinion that we need to abolish the Patriot Act, you really owe it to yourself and all of us to take the time to read this shocking account :






    How many will become the next victims of Political Correctness ?


    Go die you little troll.They want to take away my freedom and you defend it?If I ever meet you I have A urine sample Id like you to analize. mad.gif

  2. Back in the mullet days my buddy Pig Man saw them in concert and said that blacky announced it stood for We Are Sexual Perverts. rolleyes.gif

  3. Waaaa...


    My alarm clock was a car bomb and a mortar round this morning. You think I REALLY care about you or what you have to say? Man, get a grip, and get your facts straight or at least out of the realm of urban legend before you start spouting off. Half the things you say in your post are a complete crock of shit and you know it. INVITING someone to a 2 against 1 fistfight is a hellava far cry from stalking, harming pets, or threatening you isn't it? I think you just can't stand the fact that someone doesn't agree with the herd mentality. After nearly 4 1/2 years of posting on this site I'd say I have a PHD in pulling your chains. Witty banter? Please loser. Endless diatribes of personal self worth spout out of your filth holes.


    I'm just flicking you shit over the net. Same as you are. An evil cartoon character on the web.


    I think you started the whole thing anyway with your smartass comments. I'm just keeping it real. I've been to a bunch of climber events where the same people flicking ME shit on this website were at and never once did anything other than say "How you doin?"


    You're dismissed now.


    Forgive me for being skeptical. Your rhetoric quoted above is certainly not the only thing I had in mind when I started this post. It was just the most recent I saw, and it was deleted by the mods shortly after you wrote it.


    For a full report, I propose that you give your permission for me to post a few of the PMs you've sent to people here where your threats are much more real and more specific.


    I suspect your 'bad ass attitude' goes much deeper than a personality on the web because someone just flipping shit to another doesn't take it to PMs very often as you have.


    So what do you think Gotter? If I can get permission from both you and the recipients of your violent and twisted threats can I post them?


    And to all of you who've been threatened by Gotter and want to let the world see his sick mental state, please contact me by PM. I don't plan on posting PMs unless I get at least 3 of you to agree. That way it will spread the upcomming wrath of Gotter around a little bit.

    Dude you need to see your doctor about increasing your meds.

    I printed out my pm from G and framed them.There on my wall in rememberance of my first phisical threat over the internet.

  4. You kids need to get a library card and start reading.

    The fight in the sudan as I have read stems from control over oil fields.


    Is this something new?

    Romans, Spanish, English, Americans, Jews, Germans, Russians, Serbians just to name a few.

    Why sailboi do you blame it on Islam?

  5. This is not a troll.

    If you really are who you say you are.

    And really do what you say you do.

    Be carefull over there.

    Come back in one piece.

    I know your not doing it just for the money, but also for what you believe in which is way more than I can say about my fellow Americans(left and right).While I may not agree with you politicaly you are still part of The United States Of America.God speed,And if you still want to bang heads when you get back get ahold of me.Of course my conditions will be multiple shots of Jager and many beers first. bigdrink.gif


  6. Oh what are we today?

    Last post I saw from you about your job in Bushraq was all about what a brave little dick cock sucker security guard with an automatic weapon you were.

    So which one of Dick Cheney's companies is paying your contract? the_finger.gif


    I don't work for KBR. This is who I work for Toad BW


    Who do you work for? WalMart?

  7. The white mancall himself civilized

    Cause he know how to take over

    The white man come to pillage my village

    Now he tell me i have to bend over


    Oh yeah, Kill all the white man


    No I dont like the white man up in me

    He rape my country

    Everything I love and cherish, He try to take away

    We will be rid of him, soon come the day


    Oh yeah, Kill all the white man

    Oh yeah, Kill all the white man

    Oh yeah, Kill all the white man

    Oh yeah, Kill all the white man

  8. just because someone is pro peace doesn't mean they wouldn't fight for their country or freedom.I do not understand the neo-con viewpoint that what we are doing in Iraq is defending our freedom.Afganistan I believe was totally justified and supported that 100%.I am just a little disturbed that the leaders of this country Did not finish that mission before they decided that Iraq was a immenate threat.After all The world had there thumb on Hussain for many years and by us playing cowboy and going in there alone to get the bad guy just made us look like the bad guy to most of the world IMHO.I support the troops that are in that hell hole right now I would not want to trade my life for thiers and I believe by asking questions about why we are there and how we plan to leave is my way of supporting those that are comming home in body bags.


  9. Yeah your right,I thought it was called SOLIDARITY something that is not in the United States anymore.

    Good luck with your studies I have to get up early and go to work.(for 17 more years)