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  1. Well, I have successfully completed graduate school :moondance: , and now it seems the only sensible thing to do is get back on the rock consistently! Living in Bend at the moment, but unemployed so Lworth, etc are options. Just looking to get out for some mellow days to start. I have a lot of experience on long, moderate trad routes, but bouldering or clippin' bolts at Smithy are always great days too. PM and let's go play!




  2. Hi all,


    Looking for some fellow Bendites to get on the rock with.


    I just got back to Oregon from a trip to the Sierras and am inspired to get back in climbing shape. However I am so embedded in the nordic skiing community that my climbing acquaintances are limited. I've been climbing for 6 years, mostly moderate trad, but clipping bolts is fun too. I just want to go play! Available weekdays except Monday and intermittent weekends.



  3. As a freshman in college my roommate was this Italian girl who spoke no english. She was way into anime and practiced her numchucking all day every day. She also would grow her armpit hair to ungodly lengths and then shave it in the sink in our room. And lastly she believed our dorm room garbage was a proper place to dispose of, um, used feminine products. UGH.

  4. Every woman I know who has tiny feet and AT skis uses her Alpine boots... But if she's really determined, have her call The Backcountry at 1-800-625-8444. I know they used to have some older Dynafit boots(possibly in a back closet or the rental fleet now...?) in a 21. And I'm sure if those boots are still around they would be more than willing to sell them. Worth a shot...

  5. Sheesh people.... details details. You mean you want to know something about a person before you climb with them?! :P


    Allrighty well then I've been climbing for 4 years, I'm a 5.9ish climber, mostly trad but am totally up for sport as well. I've been traveling so not much time on the rock this summer, and just about zero time has ever been spent at Smith, so I'm stoked to check it out. What else...


    I'm a cross country skiing coach with lots of time on my hands currently. So let's play!



  6. If you're really serious about this, first don't keep sugary stuff in the house. Even if it's just a little bit 'for guests' or whatever excuse you give yourself. And second, every time you get a sugar craving, do something to get your mind off of it. Stretch, walk around the block, make a cup of tea, etc... And of course you'll fall off the wagon occasionally but don't feel bad. Just start again the next day.


    Good luck. That's a tough one...

  7. When the tourists are from overseas, I follow it up with

    "Did you know that all Americans have the right to bear arms?"

    all deadly serious and shit.


    I was hiking the other day with a few friends, and as we were eating lunch at the summit, 2 kids, maybe around 8 or 9 years old come walking up. At first we were suprised there were no adults with them, but then we noticed they were each wearing a canteen and a large knife around their waist. As we headed back down the trail, we met up with the rest of the group. More kids in the same age bracket carrying knives, a few adults and older kids all carrying handguns in holsters. They had a ways to go and it was getting dark. We got the hell out of there! cry.gifhellno3d.gif