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  1. Near Mt. Rainier, on Hwy 12, there is an awesome looking band of columns called The Palisades. I've searched the googles and found no climbing beta. I cannot believe this has gone un-noticed. Google even shows a logging road going near. So whats the issue? Access? Choss? Law? Lazy climbers?
  2. Climbing the palisade cliff?

    The cliff band is actually on the East side of the park. Its on the way to drier land, maybe slightly drier then the west side. From the USFS rest area, the rock looks to have some level of quality (this is from looking across the river - could still be crap). It also looks to be about 2 long or 3 shorter pitches in height.
  3. [TR] Colchuck Balanced Rock - West Face 8/2/2008

    Awesome work dudes! I bet that was a cold night. Not even a LED headlamp that cooks food can keep dehydrated climbers warm. Next time, I'd just bring one of these:
  4. WANTED: another porta-ledge!

    I like everyone else on here, _need_ a ledge. Prefer a single, with fly and all the fixings -- PM me if you got one. A double could work too. It's just extra weight.
  5. WANTED: another porta-ledge!

    The reason you still have it is that you are asking way too much for it. yup, BD double SkyLounge just went for $355 last week on E-bay. Used once.
  6. WANTED: another porta-ledge!

    Silence??!! (Or just a trick to move to the top of the list)
  7. Power Places

    The toilet in Fairy Meadows, Cirque of the Unclimbables, is the most amazing place I have ever taken a dump. No question about it.
  8. Power Places

    Chammni Manni Mountains on the Zimbabwe Mozambeque border. Library Ledge, on Outer Space. Indian Henry's Hunting ground in the fall, after a rainstorm, now clearing...
  9. Sweet trad video

    Some very important facts: It was set up as a sport climb. The video was called "Trad". Trad is the art of placing your own gear on lead. The climber did not do that. Climbing a bolted crack is NOT TRAD. The guy is a bad ass climber. The musical artist was: Mc Solar
  10. Sweet trad video

    The moves are no different than clipping bolts. Since when are hard climbs suddenly "trad" climbs just beacuse they are hard?
  11. Sweet trad video

    -- SAVAGE! -- But is it really "trad" when your pro is pre-placed?
  12. BOEALPS 2004 Intermediate Climbing Class Is currently accepting applications! The Intermediate Climbing Class (ICC) is a great alternative to the Mountaineers Intermediate class. Small class size (under 15 students)! 6-7 month program! low student to instructor ratio, often 1 to 1! Covers broad range of material: Trad Rock, steep rescue techniques, Ice, glacier, alpine rock, expedition planning, and much more! Extremely reasonable price! Meet new climbers, gain new skills, and get out a lot this summer! The ICC is for most climbers with 2 to three years experience and "basic class" equivalency We help turn followers into leaders! for information packet, 2004 schedule, and applications, check out: http://boealps.org/intermed.html Boealps ICC Info Application deadline is March 8th!