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  1. Best Anchor

    Mattp that was the idea. This was in a situation where trees were too far from the edge and webbing was not long enough, the discussion was to use a static rope hitched to two trees and extend it beyond the edge. The debate was how it should be tied in. Thank you all for you comments, will refer to the anchor book and continue to seek advice on building the best achor until I find someone willing to let me second and learn. [ 11-25-2002, 06:06 PM: Message edited by: Mtn. Dude ]
  2. Best Anchor

    My apologies for the misunderstanding, again new to sport and unable to articualte the question well. Iain your picture is the heart of the argement. Should a biner be used to tie back onto the rope or should the rope be tied directly to the rope...whcih I think has been addressed here. Thanks, no trolling just a legitimate question from a real newbie.
  3. Best Anchor

    Can you help settle an argument? The debate with a climbing buddy is what is better in an anchor system. One opinion believes that the best system is rope around a tree and tied off by a locking biner to a figure eight. The other opinion is that the rope should be wrapped around a tree and tied back onto itself in a figure eight. Understand that this debate is betweem newbies who lack experience...but the point of an argument is which is stronger...or are they both sufficiently strong methods to anchor a TR? Thanks