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  1. Hi everyone! Well, here is my sad story...I developed an interest in rock climbing and mountaineering about a year ago. My boyfriend and I joined the rock gym, and recently took a basic mountaineering class with the OMA. (I live in Portland)Well, now for the sad part...my boyfriend has left to do some exploring on his own of an entirely different nature, and now I have NO ONE with whom to practice my newly acquired skills, (such as how to self-arrest with an ice axe, and climb out of a crevasse using the Texas Prusik System!!)To make a long story short; I really want to climb some mountains and have no one to do it with. I would like to start out with something pretty simple and work my way up. Let me know if anyone wants to take pity on me and let me tag along on a relatively easy climb!! Thanks, Tina
  2. Would anyone be interested in trying to get a permit, (lottery system at Jack's in Cougar?) and climbing Mount St. Helens some Saturday in the next few weeks?