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  1. I don't post much here, go to summitpost.com on Glacier as others have link you to. The trip reports and Gerdine/Cool Glacier route is mine as is the 2008 trip report. Its a good route, the reasonable one to me. Email if you want my input to specific questions, but I'll be gone early tomarrow for a trip.

  2. There were 6 in the group I went with Saturday. My trip report is on summitpost. We did benefit from others stomping the snow to the summit. All 6 in our group, including two nubies made it. It was my third try. Once via the Glacier, once Lone Tree. This time was Lone Tree. Great Spring trip. Glad we did it. Congrads on the Glacier route!

  3. Seeking beta on road conditions to Shuksan, Sulphide Glacier route. Road # 1152,Shanon Creek Road. Sedro Wooley rangers didn't know much except sno levels in general. Seems like a good weekend to climb a winter route. snugtop.gif...so how far up can you drive confused.gif

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