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  1. Anyone know of a good pair of high performance, wide as hell, lined climbing shoes? I've got damn wide feet and I stretch the hell out of all my unlined shoes, to the point where I can't backstep to save my life, and all the lined ones that fit on my foot end up having a big gap at the toes because my feet are too wide fit into the correct size. I've tried Miura's and the typical REI stock, and none of those work. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

  2. Check out the Salomon line. I have really wide feet, and I have had a pair of the rock and ice boots for 1.5 seasons and love em. Only took about 2 hikes to break em in. They can handle long approaches comfortably and trek up Rainier as good as the plastics. Haven't ice climbed in them yet, but I plan to try them out soon.

  3. Anyone been back into eldorado yet this season? I heard the road was blocked by some trees around mile 14 (trailhead at mile 20) a couple weeks ago. Curious if it had been cleared, or if I have to buck up and walk the extra 6 miles. Thanks



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