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  1. Dreaming of Denali; A Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley

    For what it's worth, I've actually been to several of these shows at TNF...Here's my take: Believe it or not most of these folks that give slideshows are in no way sponsored by TNF. Once in a while, they might actually have Conrad Anker or some other "sponsored" athlete do a show, but TNF does these as "Community Outreach" type events and the events range in scope from Adventure Travel in South America to shows like this one. The shop's only benefit for doing these shows is to get a few more people into the store and MAYBE buy an item or two. I've actually met the guy who is giving this slideshow and while they did use some TNF gear, TNF didn't GIVE them ANYTHING for their trip. They're just average blokes like the rest of us, out to have a good time in the hills.