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  1. we actually started our descent from below viennese, west of 6500. we started out descending talus and then went into the trees and headed down. i don't think we were very far east of the "Alpine Select" access route, but I imagine it would still be a longer approach.
  2. Has anyone else here used an approach from upper statlu lake that ascends through the trees to the right of the 2 options described in "Alpine Select"? I've descended this route from the lowest point of scree/rock below peak 6500 and it was fairly straightforward, although there was a fair bit of waist high brush. The route runs pretty much parallel to the route Kevin McLane describes but climbs the trees to the east. On ascend you would hike up the big outwash gully/creekbed from the upper lake and head left into the trees just past the gully that "Alpine Select" describes. If you've used it as an ascent let me know what you thought of it.
  3. what is the road like up to the bridge?
  4. what about in the summer? how far can you drive and what is it like (4x4?) when there's no snow?
  5. Anyone know the condition of the road up Centre Creek in the Chilliwack Valley? I'd like to get as far up the valley as possible in order to climb Lindeman. The most recent info I've found is several years old from Bivouac:--------------------------------------------------From Bivouac Website--------------------------------------------------1999.06.18 Scott Pick - Furthest km: 10 Status: EffectiveThe Centre Creek road is in easy 4wd shape presently. As of mid-june the creeks are running high and water os going right over the first crossing of Centre Creek, about 1.5km up from the start of the road. Many small creeks are crossed in the waterbars along the way. You will need a key for the gate - get this at the Fish Hatchery right at Sleese Creek bridge, about 10km before the turnoff to the Chilliwack South Forest service road off which the Centre Creek road starts. When going to the hatchery, go through the gate and stay left, curving around to the brick office. It's open about 8-4 every day. Then ask for the key to the Centennial gate and watch them fumble around for 1/2 an hour while they look for it. The gate is broken and a real nightmare to close - someone tried to push it over with in a fit of rage. Once past the gate, the road is really simple 2wd along the river flats for approximately 4 km at which poing it crosses Centre Creek on a good bridge and you will see a wrecked car straight ahead. Turn right here and start to head up the valley. This section of road is 2wd. In about 1.5km, the road crosses Centre creek to the west side and the road gets steeper and rougher. Cars will have to park most likely. The real obstacles are the waterbars, otherwise the road is quite drivable. At 4.4km from the turnoff up the valley, the road crosses Centre Creek back to the east side where it stays for the rest of it's way to the border. Once past approximately 6 km, the huge east faces of the Illusion Peaks and Mt. Rexford come into view, as does the pyramidical Mt. Lindeman at the head of the valley. The road gets rough towards the end past the 10 km mark but goes almost right to the border into a narrow v-shaped meadow right below Mt. Cope and well past the south peak of Rexford. At about the 10 km mark, the side roads the climb up the side of Mt. McDonald are seen. Did not drive them but they looked to be in decent condition still. As of Mid-June you can drive right to the very end of the lower road. This is a spectacular little valley with the sight of the Yosemite-like granite walls and hanging glaciers being the main reward for getting here.