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  1. whatever slappy...i'm with ya pope...it certainly is a key topic as those errant bolts were put there by climbers and it is up to the community to reduce the amount of "unnecessary" bolts.... right on....

  2. my boy has something to say (he's from alaska)-

    "you are full of shit. last year we had a bunch of people looking at birds from california and they came by the store that i work at and i told them they should take a gun with them and they said they did not need one. two of those cali bastards never came back....." hey man it's your choice but if it were me.... 50 caliber all the way......

  3. looking for BD cams and micro cams uptil the blue size(like 3 inches). must be in good shape. looking to sell some golf clubs as well... possible trade....calloway big bertha, taylor made burner bubble 3 wood, taylor trouble wood, tommy armour 855irons, taylor forged sand wedge and ben hogan putter, and beautiful blue taylor made stand up bag with an izzo strap..... lemme know cause i really wants some more cams and i wanna get rid ofthese damn clubs.....

  4. truck is screwed up so looking for partner with wheels that might be interested in climbing apron perhaps or just the bluffs. i was up there last week for awhile and it was pretty nice. i can go one or all three days. i go to school in langley B.C.

  5. has anyone been to squamish lately. i know we had some god wether for while there to dry it out. guess we'll have to wait some more now. just wonderin how clean it is and if it really ever got dry (esp. on the apron). thanks [big Drink]

  6. that sucks bad! definitely act quietly and merciflessly. just a suggestion: i put all my gear (including my bags) into army surplus bags $15. it is true crooks are a stupid breed and if it looks like shit they will probably leave it alone. happy head hunting. mad.gif" border="0

  7. just wonderin looked at the topos and the lizard looks cool (thanks for the pointer) just wondering what the pro is like.... what sizes types do you recomend. andy bolts. just want my first climb in that area to go off without a hitch. thanks a lot for all the great suggestions... tongue.gif" border="0

  8. thanks for all the input. can't wait to head south. been missing the ol red white and blue. hopefully i will see you guys there. safe climbin! [big Drink]

  9. thanks- just wonderin what the belay stations are like (gear or bolted) doesn't matter much just trying to get a feel for the area before i head down.