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  1. Iraq

    Lowest monthly casualty rate so far and oil production has hit 2.5 mil bbls/ day. The only thing that will let this war turn into "another Vietmam," is if you bitches elect Obama. If he pulls out now... 4000+ Americans have died for nothing.


    To pull out now can only be seen as one of two things; political maneuvering, or cowering to the pressure of countries like France, Russia and Italy who illegally profitted from illegal oil deals with Saddam.


    Have a nice day kids

  2. hmm... from the nytimes... perpetuators of the ukranian genocide. would you call their actions a euphamism, or murder? you decide.


    I thought our military had a drug testing program.


  3. hmm... they are really not paid much, if anymore more. If you look at the cost of insurance and housing and life insurance ect. they are quite similar. $ on the barrel-head; yes.


    I have a lot more information about this topic than you would assume ace.

  4. Obviously the real advatage of mercernary forces working for the military is the ability to insulate yourself from responsibilitiy when shit goes bad, rather than the standard explanation of private contractors more able to provide specialized services.


    Well said.


    ...but misinformed. One example. VIP protection; and integral part of nation building. US military does not really delve into this facet of security (well, not very much) they really cant.


    Without foreign dignitaries being able to travel about the emerging nation without the fear of emminent death, the hashing out of constitutions and laws and government structures would be impossible.


    One example...

  5. contractors do missions that are quite different than both conventional and non-conventional US military forces.


    Also, contractors do not have the same fire support or air support given to US military forces. This places them in a very precarious position it ever ambushed or attacked. This adds a very tangible level of stress to these men doing necessary tasks which are integral to nationbuilding in Iraq.

  6. remember, the military is made up of those that had no other options in life... the poor and the stupid


    at least that's what i've heard here before (maybe not from you)


    why do you think I joined? ;)

  7. I hope you wont bar me from the country, but I'll be back in a few days. I expect my own protest and I would like to see baby sheilds, rock throwing hooligans, and to be spat upon and a "fuck you baby killer!" would be nice too. See ya soon bitches!!!



    YAYAYYA red monk is back!!!!!!!


    That's right baby and almost whole. Missed ya sweetums.

  8. Oooh. Scary. The liberal order that crushed the Axis Powers, and the Soviet Union trembles before the collective might of the Western Parlor Marxist...


    Given your most recent posts, your relationship to the liberal tradition is tenuous at best.


    I believe he was refering to the historical definition ace.

  9. I hope you wont bar me from the country, but I'll be back in a few days. I expect my own protest and I would like to see baby sheilds, rock throwing hooligans, and to be spat upon and a "fuck you baby killer!" would be nice too. See ya soon bitches!!!

  10. There are 3 methods to dealing with the necessity of private contractors:


    1) Rationally deal with their existance; citing the need for security of those trying to write policy in Iraq and bring stability through policy.


    2) Apathy: not dealing or processing what is going on and the human toll it takes to oust a murdering dictator and effect positive change.


    3) Vilify those who have the balls to put their neck on the line to protect those highly paid politicians who cry for their necks moments after their lives were saved by their brave actions.


    War is ugly. It is a necessity. I know you don't want to accept the reality that War is sometimes needed to precipitate much needed change but it is impossible to change a country ruled by savage aggression with anything else than aggression.


    The duty of a soldier is not to kill. It is, in fact to accomplish missions which cumulatively will win the battle/war. Death is a cause of this; not the aim.


    It is easy to call the actions of the men of Blackwater savage or criminal from the comfort of a cubicle. The U.S. is protected from the reality of War and the certainty of death is hidden from them to pacify them. In many countries, War is a daily reality.


    I don't expect you to realize this as it has been hidden from you since conception; The World and Life are violent things. No matter how brutal the media states are streets are, we live in an extremely safe place guarded from tyrrany and oppresssion; allowed to speak our minds and call those that protect us "pigs" and "murderers."


    We live in a wonderful country fraught with many problems. Taxes are not the greatest of them nor is crime or unemployment rates or a president who many deem to be behind the power curve. Our main problem is the blinders we CHOOSE to wear, the apathy which prevents us from doing the right thing no matter what the cost and a decadent lifestyle which is perceived as a birthright rather than a product of ones' work and aspirations.