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  1. Mt Logan

    Depending on the time of year and where you come up the slabby rock you'll need pons .. as everything you want to step on is ice. The snow (white), was v evidently bridges .. V easy navigating .. gray (firn/ice) white - snow bridge/crevasse. As of 2 days ago, Douglas Gl is in, but not for long! Major end running. Banded looked OUT down lower. Fremont looked doable, viewing from the summit. The 'whack out Fisher (Douglas Drainage) MAJORLY SUCKS - this time o year (BW3+), as came in traversing via Arriva! E
  2. Mt Logan

    Why not hump up to ridge (due W) from Fisher Pass (bush wack), and I hear great camp sites, then down following ridge - Douglas Gl. I hear this var works well.
  3. Mt Logan

    Going in Easy Pass and out Cascade .. making it a traverse. Thanks for the info
  4. Mt Logan

    Sounds like the ramp you're talking about is very obvious. Cool! As per the Douglas/Thunder col camp, oh yeah have that on the radar, depends on how far we get from Arriva. Will hopefully have camera, if so will take a bunch fer ya! Recently lost ours on Robinson, last month. So somewhere on that shiiiiiiitty choss heap lie a Digital Nikon btw, v familiar with NOLS style heavy ass pack, as I've been crushed by their loads on several occasions. First my PNW course in 89 and Denali in 00! Thanks again Eric
  5. Mt Logan

    Planning to do a carry-over on Logan next week. Up Douglas Gl and over to Fremont. Looking for info on descent onto Fremont. Thinking should take several raps (as will be doning heavy packs). Is getting to proper notch straightforward, coming from the E? Any pics would be ideal. Couldn't find any on Summitpost. Thanks in advance Eric
  6. Mountain medicine

    Check out http://www.wilderness-medicine.com/ To see who's doing what, research Journal of Phys http://jp.physoc.org/ and AMJP http://ajpcon.physiology.org/ Best of luck Eric
  7. Date: July 16, 2004 11:00 am Icicle Fire Update Icicle Canyon is currently at a Level 3 evacuation alert, which means everyone is being asked to leave the area. The entire Icicle Canyon area is also closed to all recreation use at this time. The road is closed at the Snow Creek trailhead. All of the trails in the area are now closed, including all trails within the area bounded on the east by Icicle Ridge, the county line / Pacific Crest on the west, through the Mt. Stuart - Colchuck Lake - Eightmile Lake areas. The Enchantment core area remains open currently, but hikers are required to stay within that area and not access Rat Creek or Colchuck Lake. http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/wenatchee/fire/firemain.htm
  8. Cascade River Road Now Completely Open CONTACT: Tim Manns, 360-856-5700 (365); North Cascades National Park Complex Prepared July 15, 2004 At 1:00 pm today repair of the damage done to the Cascade River Road during last October’s storms was completed, and the road opened to the public. In coordination with the National Park Service, a Federal Highway Administration contractor fixed the severely eroded sections at Boston, Midas, and Morning Glory Creeks within the North Cascades National Park portion of the road. The road is now open all the way to its end at the Cascade Pass Trailhead 23 miles from Marblemount. http://www.nps.gov/noca/news-release.htm/
  9. Did the downclimb back in 99! Not too bad, a little nerve racking, considering the gapping crevasse at the bottom. Had 50m rope at the time, which wasn't an option. A LOT of snow that year.
  10. Single or dbl rope rap?
  11. Stolen Gear

    I live near Greenlake (across street from Zoka), and have a friend whom lives nearby (several blocks away near Elementary School on Latona), who's had his van broken into twice w/i a years timeframe. Bottomline, there's some major prowling going on, so don't leave anything of value in your car that you want to keep!!
  12. B-Ham bouldering

    Huh?? So, if it ain't Sandstone then it must be Granite?!!
  13. Yadda, Yadda

    Hmmm, until I'm King, and designate my own lane in rush-hour traffic, front of the line passes and own all the routes on popular climbs ... I guess I should realize that I AM just as much of the problem instead of the exception! Until then, BITCH and WHINE ON!!!
  14. Rainier Ice Caves rock!

    Hey "Thinker", Glad you finally figured out how to pitch the Eldo ... guess all that practice at Guye paid off.
  15. Eight Mile rd.

    [ 07-23-2002, 06:13 PM: Message edited by: Sleeveless ]