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  1. pen

    "Hear ye, hear ye"

    I'm gonna stop picking on Beck and Teddy, even though Beck is a nose picker and Teddy's a butt licker. You can change your thongs now bubbas, I'm outta here for awhile, by popular request.
  2. Feel better now bubba? "And with his vorpal sword he goes, snicker-snack, through and through". You've hurt me Beck, I want you to know that. NOT
  3. You the one runnin that meth lab 5-0's been lookin for?
  4. pen


    See ya. You're a twit for postin your email in the first place. Didn't you know we're far too childish not to screw around? quote: Originally posted by Dan Larson: A light bulb just went on in my head . Why in the world would any serious person with a life . Bother communicating with the bunch on this site . Grow up, do you people realize how stupid you sound . I am signing off this site for life . But I am sure i will get some hate E-mails anyway . Hope you people climb better than you sound . I bet your mothers are very proud.
  5. Damn straight, and what's beck gettin so uptight about. He's the one always talking bout takin it in the pooper with that stupid bruin! quote: Originally posted by jblakley: Buttons have been pushed. To the B-Cage boys!! Sorry Beck I do have to admit that the visual of a stuffed bear stuck to your ass had me chuckling.
  6. Laughing out LOUD quote: Originally posted by Wopper: Are you sure the bear won't have a Beck stuck to it's ass??
  7. you can also tell it's Beck cause he'll have a stupid lookin teddy bear stuck to his ass.
  8. pen

    shoeller 1

    Don't get my started on that Ruxpin butt-pirate. I'm just wondering if him and Beck are using pro?
  9. pen

    shoeller 1

    Horseshit Drul, You love yourself too much to post anonymously. No one would know how cute your lil' ass is.
  10. pen

    shoeller 1

    I have some nice streatchy Metolius pants with a real lt. weight fuzzy lining. Double seat and knees. Super comfy and were $90 US. Is this pretty much like Shoeller? Oh and by the way Dru and Beck. I've just been fucking with you guys. Hope you don't mind. Actually, I enjoy reading your shit and find you somewhat amusing (cept' for that dumbass chicken joke).
  11. Being the stud he truly is, why would Teddy want to take up with a Gumby like Beck? There's plenty of hotties around without him having to resort to butt-piracy. What gives Teddy?
  12. Jesus Dru, those were really good first grade jokes. I hope you don't have something to do with missle defense, or some dicy important shit like that with the Can. govt. quote: Originally posted by Dru: Why did the pervert cross the road? He couldn't pull out of the chicken What's the difference between kinky and a pervert? Kinky uses a feather and a pervert uses the whole chicken. [This message has been edited by Dru (edited 08-22-2001).]
  13. D-mite, can you post some pictures of your lustfull evening. I'd personally like to see them.
  14. I was sitting on I-5 today around Lynnwood and couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out my handy traveling piss bucket and let er' fly. Oops...bit of back slosh. Had to turn around, go home and change jeans.
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