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  3. Oldest summit register

    quote: Originally posted by payaso: There was a post on here a while back about the removal of the registers. Anyone know anything about this? I've noticed some are conspicuously missing. On the top of Kangaroo Temple the other day there was a green cable with no register attached anymore. I can't see the logic behind any systematic removal, I kind of like the tradition myself. Is it sponsored removal by the park service or the freddies, or is it some puritan luddite movement to "clean" the summits? Just some tree hugger/PETA type who can't stand to see a summit register that would dare to dirty the virgin landscape. It doesn't make a damn bit of sense to me why anyone would want to take a summit register off of a summit.
  4. Oldest summit register

    The oldest one I've ever seen is on Greenwood Peak .. the first ascent summit register was placed up there by a Mazama Boy Scout troop in 1933 and it contains an account of the first ascent party who thought they were climbing Mt. Fernow. The one on Buck Mountain is the oldest summit register I've seen this summer.
  5. TR : Buck Mountain

    Climbed Buck Mountain with klenke on Sunday. We left the car at 8:10AM and started up the Buck Creek Trail towards the creek crossing. We had no trouble crossing the creek on a large log jam near Beckey's "obvious slide area". We hiked up the ridge with minimal brush wacking (BW2 at most) and began our traverse towards Mt. Berge at ~5900'. We had no problem finding the ramp on the Buttress on Mt. Berge which enabled us to bypass a heavy bushwack through dense slide alder. We then traversed the boulder field and gained the saddle between Berge and Buck. Once on the saddle, we found beautiful views of Clark, Luahna, Rainier, Seven Fingered Jack, Maude, Fernow, Copper, and Bonanza Peaks. There is a calm pool of water between granite slabs that flows into a 1000'+ waterfall over the North side of Buck. This is one of the most beautiful areas I've ever seen in the cascades. We then began to climb the last 1800' to the summit of Buck. Once we gained the high point that can be seen from the saddle, we encountered three main summit areas. It was already 4PM and we didn't know which summit was the true summit. We had to figure it out soon to avoid a forced bivvy. The summit farthest away looked the tallest, but I remember hearing someone tell me that the summit that doesn't look tallest is the one to climb. So, with a little persuasion, I convinced klenke that the true summit was actually the closest one. He agreed and we began the final steps to the [true] summit. Once on top, we looked down the very precipitous NE Face of Buck down to King's Lake 3000' below. The views from the summit are very nice. The last entry in the summit register was September of 1998 by Billie Butterfield and company. The register dated all the way back to 1965 and has very few entries (no more than 30 parties total). Buck definitely doesn't get climbed much. We got back to the trail just before dark. The hike out to the car was uneventful, and we got back to the car at 10PM ... 14 hours after we left.
  6. W. Ridge Forbidden Pt. II

    Climbed the W. Ridge of Forbidden yesterday. The W. Ridge Couloir was in PERFECT shape. The bergschrund is opened up quite a bit, but is passable on the left via a 6 foot wide snow bridge. I would give the bergschrund another 2-3 weeks before it's impassable. The ridge proper was mainly simul-climbed .. we protected portions of 2 or 3 pitches. There were dozens of people in Boston Basin on Saturday. The snafflehounds must have been quite busy. One of the parties we encountered had their tent eaten through by one of the infamous little critters. Our tent was untouched. They did eat portions of my blue closed foam pad though. Understandable though, because those are quite tasty.
  7. W. Ridge Forbidden Pt. II

    I would imagine that the Schrund is opened up quite a bit right now (and most probably impassable). There is a way to skirt around the Schrund on rock to the left. I don't know what kind of climbing is involved though. For the ridge proper, climbing boots is fine. I climbed it in tennis shoes and would have been fine with climbing boots. Good luck on your climb and give us a TR when you return.
  8. Sherpa - W. Ridge

    Climbed the W. Ridge of Sherpa on Saturday 8/10 with two other climbers. We left the parking lot at 4:45AM and made the hump up over Long's Pass. Once on Long's Pass, we descended into the Ingall's Creek basin and headed east towards the approach to the Stuart/Sherpa Col. We were at the col at 8:45AM, and we then proceeded to rope up and start climbing. With 3 people, it took a lot of time to do the actual climbing. We didn't summit until about 1:00PM. Going back up and over Long's Pass was quite brutal after 13 hours of climbing. We finally got back to the car at about 8:45PM, right before it got dark. Overall it was a great trip. With only two people on your rope team, your time spent on the rock will be almost half of what ours was. A strong two-person team should be able to do this route in 13-14 hours. I would highly recommend a strong party do this route in one day, versus hauling gear up and over Long's Pass twice for an overnighter. Now we're off to go climb Fisher Chimneys today and tomorrow ... full report to come.
  9. Sherpa - W. Ridge

    We didn't have time for the balanced rock. I tried to get my partner to go for it, but he wasn't sharing my motivation, especially with a Fisher Chimneys trip planned for the following day. Jens, nice work on Formidable! I might repeat that route this summer. I'll contact you for some beta soon if we decide to go for it.
  10. Sherpa - W. Ridge

    I haven't climbed the W. Ridge of Stuart, I took the Cascadian Couloir. We tried to climb the W. Ridge earlier this summer but got rained out. As for soloing the W. Ridge of Sherpa, it's very possible if you're comfortable with 5.5 alpine. I would say (from what I've heard) that the W. Ridge of Stuart is more difficult than the W. Ridge of Sherpa .. but again, I haven't climbed Stuart W. Ridge so perhaps someone else on the site can offer their input. There is really only one or two moves on Sherpa that are somewhat tricky, and even those moves are fairly straight-forward. The rock route on Sherpa is pretty short, and if you're soloing it, it would probably only take you about 45 minutes to an hour of climbing. Routefinding is very easy on Sherpa ... just follow the rap stations. Good luck if you go, and give us a TR when you return. [ 08-14-2002, 10:30 AM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  11. sky pilot

    Oh, I forgot you two are gay lovers .. which makes you very "involved" in each other's lives.
  12. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    We summitted today after a 14,000+ vertical gain weekend. I'm beat. That's my trip report. Sverdina, care to add something?
  13. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    ? MountainMan has Trask, Dru, and Erik on ignore.
  14. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    I'm not trying to "do better than that". I'm trying to get you all off my threads. You sit here, talk jibberish all over people's threads, and think you're pretty funny. Well you aren't, you're just making yourself look like an idiot. If you want to go do something fun on the internet because your life is absolutely useless, go to www.bored.com and find something to do there. I bet you got a chapter 13 discharge didn't you? [ 08-13-2002, 11:59 AM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  15. Sherpa - W. Ridge

    Haha, you're absolutely right Paul ... that balanced rock does look higher.
  16. sky pilot

    Dru doesn't know .. he just acts like he does. I wouldn't listen to a word that guy says.
  17. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    Muir on Saturday.
  18. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    YAY = You Are a Yardbird [ 08-13-2002, 11:50 AM: Message edited by: MountainMan ]
  19. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    Those Canadians sure are weird.
  20. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

  21. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    quote: Originally posted by trask: Mtn. Man, Erik is cool and all, too...but, I am able to piss my name in the snow in 'cursive'. It's a God given talent. 'don't touch me pet I tried the cursive bit yesterday, but I kept getting hung up on the T. I couldn't make a T without it looking like a P. OK .. one more guess... Mike?
  22. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    Is this a climbing site?
  23. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    Iain, sorry about your friend. That's the kind of response I was looking for in this thread (i.e. something pertinent). Keep up the good work!
  24. TR : Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys

    Toujours Pret = ALWAYS READY Iain = 15 year old bored internet surfer.