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  1. I have almost a full set of Trango cams. Numbers 1-4 are 3-cam units, and they retail at 37.95 a piece. Numbers 5-8 are four cam units, and they go at 45.95 a piece. Mine have been used only a few times, suffered no damage, and I'd like to get $220 for all of them. Otherwise, buy 'em new for $325.80. This is a great starter rack.
  2. Boreal Ace resoled

    Barrabbes. What the hell? And where did you find that mocking little smiley face. How about fifty dollars anybody?
  3. Boreal Ace resoled

    If you were planning on buying new shoes, just get these instead. There has been no climbing done on the resole. I wear about a size 10 street shoe, but I don't know what they are in Euro sizing. I'm asking sixty dollars for them. They are clean and in great shape...not much climbing done in them. The Ace is indestructible. Great for Alpine climbing.
  4. If you are looking for ice tools this Winter, look no further. These are essentially brand new--one is brand new, and the other has been used once. Plz. see my other bulletin for more info. And if you can figure out what Barrabbes is, be my guest. Goodbye.
  5. Charlet Moser Axar's--Brand New

    I have a pair of Charlet Moser Axar's. One of them is brand new and the other has been used once. One has a hammer and the other an adze, but both picks and adzes are removable and interchangeable. I also have a racing pick that comes with. At the store these would run $470(over $500 with Uncle Sam's share). I would like to get $375, but won't refuse a reasonable offer.