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  1. I missed the cut at N. community so ended up doing the program at Everett. Its a bit of a drive I know but no entrance restrictions and a comparable program. Seems like a long road getting in with a department and the private company's pay you dirt but the experience alone is worth it.

  2. damn nab it! I ended up walkin the dog. Next time Ill have to just head out there and hope for the best. Thanks anyway though. Sat is my next day off if anyone out there needs a partner then. Unfortunately Its only one day off so no time for most alpine this week. B

  3. cresent arch 5.9+, on daff

    cooke book 5.9 w/ 1 5.10 move, on daff

    phobos 5.9+ only two pitches, but the second pitch is oustanding.

    west ridge of conness is a must do (mabey a ropeless affair.

    aqua knobby, Hoodwink, westcountry, great white book, etc.

  4. Hey, just moved back to the area from Mammoth Lakes, looking for partners. Like to climb anywhere from 5.5- Easier 5.11. Have gear and transportation. Intrested in tradional, sport, or alpine routes. Zinful1@hotmail.com

  5. Whats happnen Rob, I live in and am also new to the area, climb 5.10 and have gear, my days off are wed and fri but are flexable with notice. I also dont work untill 3oclock usually so can climb any day withan early start. zinful1@hotmail.com

  6. Hey Dan,I am new to the area from(Mammoth Lakes) and looking for partners around Seattle. I climb 5.9 to easy 10s trad and a little harder sport. would like to do either. My days off unfortunatly are wed and fri but can climb locally before work with an early start. zinful1@hotmail.com

  7. Whats up Mike, Indeed I share your liking of a more alpine feel. I have done quite a bit of that in the sierra range but am new to the washington area and would like to explore. My nights off are wed. and fri. but im sure i can swap with someone with a little notice as well. Im not sure if this displays adress so in case zinful1@hotmail.com my name is Brandon.

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